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    Strengthening families through biblical principles.

    Focus on the Family addresses the use of biblical principles in parenting and marriage to strengthen the family.

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  • I answered that point about Japan in our little debate. Sorry I've been slack lately as I've been busy with other things, but there is no hurry to keep debating --- we can go at it as time permits.
    LOL, Jason. I got my last Bio test Thursday. It certainly is bittersweet to say goodbye :sad
    Peace to you my brother. Yes, I too believe God is leading His true followers into the deeper things to study that are entrenched in His Word in Hebrew. I hadn't studied Hebrew much at all (barely enough to get by) but more so Greek... God has been leading me (and others I hear as well) to learn more about His language of Hebrew... what marvelous things... and yes, to understand God in the Old Testament times and reading is highly important to understanding what the chosen nation went through and why and what is ahead (i.e. the Book of Daniel.) Peace.
    I personally find your statements rather disconnected from the current truth. We are to move on from the distant path and do the best we can as we live. Blaming any particular church --or even "the" church just isn't good. From what I know, it is the Christians standing by the Jew today that helps keeps the nation of Israel secure. While I know that God will never allow His people to perish completely, He has caused may punishments that have diminished the population. The current sentiment en masse by the average Christian is love for the Jew.
    Sweet. I'm part Cherokee (dad's side Great Great Grandfather) I also have Scot from him.... used to have a real anger problem (but only when I got angry :hysterical ) Be well.
    I have found i dont fit any one 'box' i am pleased about that..... Lord save us form all the dogma
    way cool Jason To see a christian man living an everyday christian life is a very good thing
    Yes, that is me and my lovely wife. That was taken on our 11th anniversary very recently. I added an album with a few more pictures of the walk that day.
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