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  • Hi JLB. I no longer post on the subject of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you wish to study the matter it seems it will have to be by PM. God bless, Billy.
    Hi, rumor has it you are on vacation for a month.
    It seems as though those of us with accrued vacation time are the ones forced to use up our time.
    I've had so many vacations, I don't know where to go next.
    Hi JLB. I'm a transplanted Texan. May I ask where in Texas are you
    I have read the debate you had in 2014. It seems you have changed your position somewhat on water baptism.
    God bless, Billy
    I'd "like" your posts if I had a facebook account but I scrapped it from all the stalking... LOL

    God bless!
    Hi my friend, There is a question about the "ignore" feature, could you explain that to me? I'd like to answer it.
    Hi JLB, could you please tell how you highlight words like Calvinism so they can be looked up else where.
    I haven't figured that out yet.
    Thank you.
    You said -

    ...OK, verse 14 we go to be with Jesus, we somewhere get gathered by him on the
    White horse

    Those that follow Him on white horse's died and went heaven, Brother.

    when they return WITH HIM, that is 1 Thessalonians 4 -

    for God will bring WITH HIM those who sleep in Christ!

    C'mon Brother Mike.

    How do you come up with zipping back and forth.

    They return with The lord on white horses to earth for the marriage supper and reign with Him for 1000 years.

    Where is the zipping back and forth in that, Brother.

    Can you please eat some carrots and stop grinding on those bones.


    My thread is closed...... Sorry I did not get back but now see your position more clearly..........

    OK, verse 14 we go to be with Jesus, we somewhere get gathered by him on the White horse and follow him to the feast? The feast is on earth, right? (I am hoping not what the birds ordered that day) So there would be no zipping back and fourth. Is that correct?

    I am also going to bust my shoe so far up Reba's hoot that all that will be left is shoe strings dangling out. She really helps me practice my Christian walk.

    I don't think she can read either.

    Hello JLB and welcome to CF.net.

    We have a pretty good mix of folks here pull up a computer and stay a while...
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