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    i see a simple equation , having researched nothing much has changed satan using the very same strategy as was used in the garden Are you sure God said, yes we,re sure he even sent his only begotten son. another temptation , false promise you shall become as Gods so to disobey...
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    Be Still & Know i am God , contemplation, meditation. devotion.

    Its said the art of contemplative prayer has been lost to the christian church, true spirituality , meditating, contemplating , devotion. I was very inspired by a book called the Saffron robe, the story of Singh a Sing , who Jesus appeared to, just before he was going to throw himself under...
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    The Lords super ,

    When we take part in the bread and the wine, known to some as the Eucharist , through transistorization is the bread and wine after being consecrated, does the bread and wine become the body of Christ and the wine the blood of Jesus. ? or is it a symbolic feast ? Mark 14.22...
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    Pastor hanged today in Iran

    Youcef Nadarkhani Executed: Christian Pastor Hanged in Iran for Being Christian Iran, War on Terror Add comments Mar 03 2012 Youcef Nadarkhani has been executed in Iran. He is the Christian pastor who has been imprisoned and found guilty by the courts in Iran of being a Christian. Now...
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    What is the truth ?

    Jesus would say , it is written, faith can come from hearing the word of God, and the word of God is sharper than a two edged sword, the living word, so words are power full , standing on the word of God, claiming the written promises of God, The truth can be spoken, written, like wise lies...
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    What is the truth ?

    What is the Truth who do we believe. who do we follow, listen to. what do we put our faith, belief , hope and trust in ? The truth movement, said to be seeking and exposing the truth. ??? John 18.36 Jesus says his Kingdom is not of this world, Pilate asks you are a King then ? Jesus...
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    Do you believe in Aliens ?

    why would be intrested to here your view point. johnny PIZZA GUY TO REPLY TO YOUR POST BELOW, SO SOME ONE IS A FOOL IN YOUR MIND, FOR ASKING SUCH A QUESTION, ? TO LOOK FOR ANSWERS. IF YOU TRY TO SUPRESS THE SUBJECT, CONDEM IT, PUT IT OFF LIMITS, to me its not the right approach. Some...
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    I will destroy this Temple

    Jesus makes the claim , that he would destroy the temple and raise it up again , in three days. speaking of himself. destroying the old, system , religion, because the New has come, the living temple, Jesus- us We to are, can be the Temples of the Holy spirit. The Kingdom of God is with...
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    Do you believe in Aliens ?

    What do people make of Phil Schneiders testimony . ? while tunneling for the US Government ,they tunneled into an under ground alien base at Deluce a fire fight followed, a lot of people were killed, he was hit in the stomach, lost the fingers of his hand. he also displays alien artifacts...
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    Do you believe in Aliens ?

    Mike id love to respond but as you very well know my replies either take days to be added, if added a tall. ?
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    Do you believe in Aliens ?

    Mike to your question below, as my replies either take days to get posted, if a tall as you know so only your case can be presented.. firstly im surprised it only takes a combination of 25 things to be in place, for life to exist, For myself God is infinite in power and wisdom, if he so...
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    To all you pray warriors, please pray for her

    To all you pray warriors, please pray for her. my mother returns to Kisumu Kenya today , Friday the 3rd Febuary , at 73 years old she still heads up covenant childrens home for street children in Kisumu, caring for other 230 children. http:www.covenanthome.co.uk Patrica Botwright...
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    Do you believe in Aliens ?

    And your clear perpective on this subject, phenomin is ? http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=199129&page=3
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    Do you believe in Aliens ?

    Life is full of mystery i dont know. is the answer, i wouldnt be suprised if there was or was not, other life in the universe, ect i dont know all of what God has created, when where or why. ? this all could have been created for our benefit, its written it will all pass away, heaven and earth...
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    Do you believe in Aliens ?

    For myself the questions raised , in whose intrest would it be to create such a deception, and how is this deception being used ? Its stated that the secret opps programes are 40 years ahead of main stream, with technology, ? Again what of human hybrids, clones, dna engineering. super...