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  • Kaliani, you're welcome. I hope God will touch your heart and give you better understanding. I was gone for the weekend but have continued to pray for you. :)
    Aardverk, that post disappeared because you violated the Terms of Service.
    Hi, Yes, they are birds. Unfortunately I did not take the picture but it is easily available on the 'net. It is sometimes titles 'God's smile'. Lovely isn't it.
    " Much as I love Jesus, I don't know if I am a Christian."
    Through prayer and reading His word,I pray that you are able to receive His spirit in you so there is no doubt. I know it took a long time for me to fully accept Jesus as my Lord,God and Saviour. Since then I have seen the majesty of God's power in so much that I took for granted in my life before I accepted Him. Unfortunately we are a stubborn bunch at times...or at least I am:oops
    I don't think anyone has. On a Christian site, it's a reminder of encouragement and hope. Now, your avatar... that's spooky! ;)
    Well, if it does interest you, maybe check out a parlor near you? Numbing creams can be used.
    Hi Kaliani, I hope you're well and thanks. Not really big though, just believe in owning up to my mistakes. He knows I've had a loooot of practice:shame. Now I just stay clear of any conversations the two ahem "gentlemen" are involved in. Makes for a much more peaceful and enjoyable time.
    you stateside?
    God Bless
    No, but it was from a site with free tattoo designs. It's basically a tribal design. Do you like it?
    It's my fursona, which is meant to be like what an animal representation of me. She's a Collie (my favorite dog breed), and she's wearing Edward Elric's (anime character) coat. :)
    thanks for your kind words, and hope we can become real friends? God Bess and keep you always -Mitspa
    Hi; the '(..oops..; apologies)' referred to me having posted the previous message again by mistake! :)
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