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  • Hi Lloyd, good to see you again; so how are you doing, and your wife and daughter? God bless your family.
    PS: Lloyd: saw your name pop up there again! Did you make any progress in your plans several months ago for another faith based tattoo design? You wanted it on your arm, if I'm not mistaken.
    Hope your wife is doing well with the child expected. Blessings.
    Hi Lloyd: So how's your wife, expecting your second child? congrats. to you guys! How's the first one coming along? Good to see you on these forums; I think you had a bit of a break right? Blessings.
    Hi Lloyd! how are you guys doing? and the baby, coming along okay? So how is your Bible reading doing at the moment? My wife and I are in the Psalms together; it's so good to see how themes in the Psalms tie in with the person of the Lord Jesus in the New Testament. So how are those tatt plans doing, as well? Blessings.
    Great that daughter and wife are doing well! this is a blessing in itself. My wife and I continue with our Bible reading together; hope that you guys will eventually be able to do this, too. Blessings.
    How's the baby doing? and how's your wife? Hope things are all going okay for you guys! :)
    Hi Lloyd, how are you and how is your Bible reading going? and your wife? and your tatt plans? Blessings.
    So how's it going, Lloyd? been blessed by any Bible passages lately? & how's the tatt plan coming along?
    Hi Lloyd; welcome back; replied/pmed to one or two of your posts. Blessings.
    Hi, Lloyd! I enjoyed your discussion of tattoos recently, and faith related ink designs. What you said was very thought-provoking.
    Please accept friendship request... I'm trying to block the unruly (unfortunately you can block mods) and ignore them, and leave messaging only for friend contacts.
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