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With my wife and 3 kids, I am part of the Kensington Clinton Twp church community. I've always involved myself in Men's ministries, as I have witnessed over and over the unique bond that results in the gathering of Godly men who seek earnestly to be men of God at home, in the workplace, and in the community.

My wife and I mentor marriages in crisis through Kensington, because I want that every marriage to be at least as rewarding as I've found mine. On June 7th, 2016 we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and I can honestly say I love her more than ever.

Faith first & foremost, Christian music & talk, big sports fan, being a faithful husband & father. When the Lord calls me home, my hope is that my family is will say I loved the Lord and lived that love, and that they were always very important to me.
Mar 22, 1967 (Age: 53)
Michigan, U.S.
Contract Negotiator




Oh, God, Thy sea is so great, and my boat is so small.

(all scripture NKJV unless otherwise stated)