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  • Hi Mike,

    In our profiles, the radial button exists to indicate if a person is a Christian or not. I was wondering, since I've discovered Mormons, Catholics, and who knows what else on this forum, if there could be more options to choose from because I think it's misleading to everyone if a person gladly chooses Christian while not being given the option to choose one's faith. It may be that people would choose Christian anyway, but then they have to lie about it.

    Just an idea,

    - Davies
    But it's not the real product! Just some silly diet chemical version :gah
    Good Morning Mike,

    I asked for post 141 in Apologetics & Theology be considered to be deleted as an act of judgmental & argumentative false statements. I am not a calvanist and do not know of any that were debating on that thread yesterday. Those were some pretty strong words and in the context they were stated I found to be offensive.

    Thank you,

    Hi; I can see the wisdom of your tatt. comments, so thank-you for the exhortation. Blessings.
    Hi Mike!:wave I looked twice & cannot find End Times?? (perhaps we are into end times!;))
    Gettin old 'i' guess, and tired eyes.
    Hello and blessings,

    I am concerned about the reasoning behind the closing of a thread I started regarding the possibility of Mary being able to intercede for us. Nowhere in my post did I refer to or quote RCC doctrine. I even went so far as to quote scripture from a Bible translation that the RCC doesn't even use. I sincerely hope that the pursuit of Christian truth on this message board isn't limited based on whether or not the RCC, or any Christian denomination, happens to agree with a particular issue. I ask that you please consider reopening the thread in the interest of true Christian dialogue which seeks the truth.

    God's peace,

    Hello @Mike, I am sorry for my advert at the website and business plugs. My hand held device was actually returning my message so I felt the post did not go through. So I kept on pressing the submit button. I was embarassed when I saw all of the posts on the forum.

    Please delete the message and I completely sorry for the mistake.

    Thanks for the good work.

    From the comprehension who out of the three: Husband, Wife and Servant is without guilt?
    Part 1

    Husband, Wife, Junior (their baby) & Servant.

    Servant is a house boy who drinks the
    wine of his Boss with impunity then
    adds water to cover his tracks.
    His Boss was suspicious & decided to
    buy pasties (a French wine that changes
    color if u add water... just like dettol). Unknowing, Servant, drank from d wine
    & topped it up with water as usual.
    Sadly for him, immediately he added
    water, d pasties became milky & when the
    Boss came back & noticed it, he knew he had nailed him. Servant knew he was in trouble & decided to stay put in d kitchen when his boss came home.
    Part 1 continues

    Husband, Wife, Junior (their baby) & Servant.

    The Boss told his wife about what he

    “Servant!â€, he called from the sitting

    He answered: “Yes, Bossâ€.

    “Who drank my pasties?â€.

    No answer.

    The Boss asked again: still no answer.
    Then the Boss went to the kitchen to meet him there: “Are you insane or what? I called and you said “yes boss†but when I asked you a
    question you didn’t answer me? â€

    Servant retorted, “Hmmm Master when you are in the kitchen you don’t understand
    anything at all, except your name.â€
    “Is that so?†asked the boss, “Okay,go to the bar stand beside Madam (the wife), while I’ll go into d kitche & then ask me a questionâ€
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