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  • I wanted to thank you for the compliment when you posted in my thread needing biblical advice. It's nice to receive compliments from people, it makes me feel good about myself and gives me more confidence that maybe I really can find someone who loves Christ and will love me as well. I just need to leave it in Gods hands, and hope that he will bless me with marriage before I am too old to have children. I want children, and I want to home school them, or put them in a Christian academy. Please pray that whatever Gods plan is for me, that he will reveal it to me sooner, rather than later. I know it will happen on His time, but I just hope and have faith that God will allow me to have children. I only have 10 - 15 years left at most, especially since I have a condition that can cause infertility the older I get. God bless!
    Spamming Islam?

    Spam is a pork product, so you've potentially just offended billions of peace loving jihadies via the ambiguous use of a participle. :biggrinistorted
    Apparently there is an option to add friends. My account is ISPringle

    If you add me I think we can start a private match without any hassle.
    Could you please tell me what message was disrespectful. I'd like to know what to avoid.

    thanks, glorydaz
    Hey there. Can I maybe send you the attachment? Will you be able to attach if for me? It is brilliant and I have to share.
    Joy and I just wanted to say, "Hau'oli La Hanau!" Enjoy your day (STAY OFF LINE TODAY! lol)
    I down loaded the ad killer along with firefox and a spell check showed up! So thanks much! Would it be a good idea to get rid of google now? google is creepy
    Have to agree with you there. They need to hire "full time" officials and not these lawyers and doctors. Als, officials need to be held accountable and called out same as players when they screw up. Players and coaches arent allowed to call them out but they should be able to. The Bucs should have beaten atlanta the first time around too. Officiating is terrible the league over.
    The appropriate question would be: "How 'bout them Zebras?"

    Sorry, but that pass interference call should have went the other way. I couldn't believe that. We should have won with the Kellen Winslow Jr. touchdown that was robbed. The guy wasn't even playing the ball. His back was away from it and he engaged Winslow. That was such a terrible call and I have a feeling the NFL is going to have to answer for it. I like how Mike Perrera, the former head of officials only talks when the right call is made, lol.

    Anyways, as sore a loser as I sound, I am equally angry that they committed to a brain dead QB sneak on 3rd and moderate within the 5. First down would have clenched the win. The refs robbed us and then we joined the party in shooting ourselves.. :sad
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