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Recent content by Mike

  1. Mike

    Welcome to my first post

    Welcome to CFnet :) Let us encourage one another!
  2. Mike

    Hello I'm new

    Welcome to CFnet! :wave I'm happy to have you on board!
  3. Mike


    Here is a belated welcome to CFnet. I hope you are still around to respond to this thread, because I'd love to see a response to StoveBolts' question to you. Sadly, this is true, but I believe this is an indication of how passionate Christians feel about their faith. It's also a product of...
  4. Mike

    The Saintman's New Combined Thread

    For those who might not be tracking this combined discussion, we have taken to merge the many discussions started by the OP since most often there is little to no response, and the OP does not further engage. thesaintman is always notified when we do this. I did leave two recent threads on their...
  5. Mike

    [__ Prayer __] yet another shooting

    We've been trying to get away from closing threads in favor or redirecting them, so I'm sorry that this one can't be salvaged. Christ_empowered specifically said in his OP that, being started in the Prayer Forum, his was not a political statement. Two posts later, it went from a call to prayer...
  6. Mike

    Welcome from far away!

    Glad you joined. Welcome to CFnet! Did you intentionally not include where you're from or just forget to say? I live in the U.S. but I've been on a few mission trips to Brazil. In the U.S. spiritual warfare seems to take the form of the allure of wealth and a secular world view. In Brazil, it...
  7. Mike

    New member from NE Ohio

    Welcome to CFnet, JoeBean! Sounds like you're making some positive changes in your life. That's great! Before seeking out a community of believers and finding this one, I was spinning my wheels on a forum dedicated to the ABC show "LOST". I was spending all my time in that forum defending the...
  8. Mike


    Fantastic! We have made an extra effort to focus on love and support in our walks with the Lord and move away from the typical online venue to debate. I love hear these words from you and look forward to growing in Christ with you.
  9. Mike


    Great to have you. Welcome to CFnet! :wave2
  10. Mike

    If Christianity could be completely disproved...

    chessman totally. Exactly what was going through my mind as I read the book.
  11. Mike

    If Christianity could be completely disproved...

    I read a great book called "A Skeleton in God's Closet" which relates to this question. Written by a minister, it forces the reader to consider how they would react to a potential bombshell discovery that would prove Christianity false. It's a work of fiction where archaeologists claim to be...
  12. Mike

    Apparently, This Kid Crushes It

    And with over 33 million views, apparently I'm late to the party again. My wife and I saw this for the first time a few days ago, and I've watched it again countless times. I laugh just as hard every time! Listen to the announcement over the P.A. at the end. Gotta love small-town 'merica. That...
  13. Mike

    Bible Study The Holy Spirit

    This is not a study of scripture in the spirit of the forum. A PM has been sent to the OP explaining. Closed.
  14. Mike

    Bible Study The Begotten Word Of God

    This is not a study of scripture in the spirit of the forum. A PM has been sent to the OP explaining. Closed.
  15. Mike

    Bible Study Grace

    This is not a study of scripture in the spirit of the forum. A PM has been sent to the OP explaining. Closed.