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Recent content by Roro1972

  1. Roro1972

    TED Talks

    I think TED is new world order which has to overcome USA before it is law
  2. Roro1972

    If the Bible story was too long for you....

    very good williie T I liked it. I could only give you one like though. That saying under your picture; isnt it a verse in the poem "He who knows and knows he knows " that was what it was called 51 yrs ago now I think it is called knows and knows not
  3. Roro1972

    Growth Daily Verses

    I like this one; you may also like 1 Thess 5:17 Pray without ceasing.
  4. Roro1972

    how the left and right were named

    Ecc 10: 2 A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left.
  5. Roro1972

    I was shocked

    Rom 10: 9 comes to mind or Acts 16: 31
  6. Roro1972

    What is Dallas like?

    just think of the over passes as cement mountians. there are lots of things in Dallas ( or just outside ) to keep a Geogia boy from being bored.
  7. Roro1972

    Florida and our loveable gators

    did you see it? did you know a gator could climb a fence?
  8. Roro1972

    Florida and our loveable gators

    just google gator climbs fence
  9. Roro1972

    What is Dallas like?

    Dallas has short on ramps to freeways and everyone drives AT lease 70 so you best mash the pedal to get up to speed before the on ramp ends they are not going to slow down to let you in. if you are in Ft. Worth you can drive straight to Dallas without going through Irving and Bedford is the town...
  10. Roro1972

    Florida and our loveable gators

    here is one also
  11. Roro1972

    [__ Science __ ] Were Dragons Really Dinosaurs?

    The Victorian scientist who coined the word "dinosaur" has been honoured with a plaque at the school he attended as a child. But who was Sir Richard Owen? A huge fan would know this right?
  12. Roro1972


    Also they keep a product for a year or two the confront the company with its removal or a cheaper price for walmart to stay in store; then they make company put walmart label on it so walmart makes even more money and then with the extra money they promote lbgq and what ever pc crap that come...
  13. Roro1972

    What Kind of Device Are You on Right Now?

    You asked what kind of device we were on. Even though I knew you meant what kind of computer, I chose to view my chair as a device. that was my weird since of humor showing it face.
  14. Roro1972

    What Kind of Device Are You on Right Now?

    I must say I have a dry sense of humor most do not get. My post was not meant as a snide remark as it appears to some.
  15. Roro1972


    Piggly Wiggly and Jitney Jungle both seem to have gone by the wayside.