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Recent content by sesantek

  1. sesantek

    Christian and Business

    I like that: 'I think the general point is that in our business dealings, the right thing has a higher value than the profitable thing overall.' That can be a great guide for any business in doing the will of God despite the enormous challenges and obstacles
  2. sesantek

    Questions from a someone new to religion

    Hello Will Prim, You re not far from getting the truth. It's good you are asking questions. It's the beginning of a journey of the discovery of the truth. Now the bible is true. Jesus actually lived on the earth and performed these miracles. There are so many historical facts to show this...
  3. sesantek

    Christian and Business

    Thank you for the link.
  4. sesantek

    Christian and Business

    Thank you Douglas. Please can you give more information about this man who started my pillow.
  5. sesantek

    Christian and Business

    Thank you so much WIP. I like your post and I love what you do as a company. I believe it's a model any Christian business owner can copy. However, I would love to ask a few questions. 1. What can you do when some members of staff are not Christians. How do you make them join in fellowship...
  6. sesantek

    Christian and Business

    Thank you Spurs. You mentioned a good practice we must be involved in if we are to run successful businesses as Christians and still maintain our good relationship with God. That practice is prayer. But the question is are Christians still going on their knees to pray especially those who are...
  7. sesantek

    What should a Christian do

    Paul did not ask us to run from them, he said we should not keep company with them. He does not ask us to be judgmental, he was only asking us to careful so that we are not influenced by their immoral conduct. We are advised to flee from all appearance of evil. Fleeing is a strong action word...
  8. sesantek

    Can I be saved.... again?

    Because God will never give up on you. He does not gain anything from a sinner getting totally lost. This is the reason why Jesus came and carried out the sacrifice on the cross at Calvary. My advice to you is that you should release your mind and self and allow the work of the Holy Spirit in...
  9. sesantek

    Christian and Business

    Just trying to find out your thoughts whether Christians can truly run successful businesses and still maintain their good relationship with God especially in the world's market places that are filled with lots of dirty tricks and sin. Just trying to find out your thoughts.
  10. sesantek

    Hearing God

    Thank you for this.
  11. sesantek

    Hearing God

    You are correct with those observations. I always tell people especially young Christians not to get themselves weighed down with this issue. I ask them to get dedicated to the Word of God as found in the Bible. This is very important. This is the standard for hearing from God. God speaks to...
  12. sesantek


    I share in your concern. Let me point out that God did not do that to Job, it was the devil who did that. With that fact, i can now try to help to lead you to a good solution. With such fears, the devil is around the corner, he wants to exploit something and he's trying to bring up those...
  13. sesantek

    How do you believe in Jesus, someone who you cannot see?

    Thank you. I understand your fears and concern about this topic. The problem here is that you have tried all along to relate with this issue on a physical level and spiritual level. The Christian faith is deeply a spiritual faith and experience. The Bible says we walk by faith and not by sight...
  14. sesantek

    Talking to non believers

    Talking to non believers about Christ can be both spiritaul and physical events. If you want to talk to non believers about Christ, you should first of all pray about it asking God to help to say the right things. Dont condemn them or condemn their sins straightaway. Take your time and share a...
  15. sesantek

    Fixing sin

    Jesus says in John 15 verse 5b that without Him we can do nothing. Now the sin nature cannot be handled or put to check or ruled over except you get the help of God. That was the reason for Jesus' sacrifice. so anyone who wants to rule over the sin nature must first become born again. Now...