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  • No longer will OSAS vx OSNAS be allowed to be debated, argued, or discussed in theology forum. Too much time is required to monitor and rescources used to debate this subject which hasn't been definitively decided in 3,000 years.
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  • You created the sticky that is the form for the Christianity and Science section. How do we consent to that since that thread is closed?
    You may send the form with your agreement to @Stovebolt and he will handle it for you.
    Hello old friend! Thinking of you and all the great phone calls we've shared. Sorry to have missed you the past 3 times I've been to your home state. Call or text me sometime, old friend.
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    You give me too much credit there. Lost cell phones, lost address books... to quote another friend, Haggle the LeperGnome:

    I had it all... I had it all and I lost it...
    Lost... all gone...
    Like my mind.

    My mind is like cheese...
    I like cheese.

    (I'll send my sometimes working Comcast VoIP phone number to you in PM. Did I say it's only sometimes working? )
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