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teddy trueblood

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    Hi Teddy,

    I read your posts concerning John 1:1c and disagree with your conclusions. Basically, you and most of Christianity are reading Yeshua into the text. I offer the following article for your consideration: Much of what I personally believe and have written about is incorporated into this article towards the end.
    Since I am blocked (one way or another) from actually presenting nearly anything that defends the non-trinitarian information I have so much of, I might as well not even check in anymore.

    It's bad enough having so many of my posts deleted or not allowed, but when certain ones start in with post after post of trinitarian and anti-JW material cut and pasted from 'Hate JW' sites - which causes the thread to be closed, blocked, locked or whatever - well, what's the use?
    I am still thinking about what you requested. I know they will be able to tell that I am posting your "works/study" if I post it exactly like you have it. I will try to put it in my own words, hopefully keeping your intentions intact.

    God Bless.
    Hi, me,

    How am I?

    Oh, it gets a little lonely when no one wants to scripturally defend their traditions, but at least I have you to talk to.


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