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    Strengthening families through biblical principles.

    Focus on the Family addresses the use of biblical principles in parenting and marriage to strengthen the family.

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  • Hi Taylor. Quite rightly I just had my butt kicked over a post in which I said you typed with your elbows.

    I owe you a grovelling apology, I was totally unaware that you suffered MS. There's no way I'd poke fun at that, I lost a lovely friend to that some years ago. I made that remark in honest fun assuming you were struggling with predictive text which is something we're all familiar with.

    Really really sorry.
    Good morning... great to see you still up and kicking around this morning.
    I feel like it never happened, thank you, brother.
    Just one note, exactly what I said, i meant. 24/7 forever.
    You are correct with your opinion, and the scripture that you used in Genesis 3, what is your meaning? of which verse for context.
    Hello Bill, I just wanted to give you a heart felt thanks for you prayers and words for my family and I as God works His will in my life. It is truly appreciated more than you can know
    Blessings in our Lord's name to you and yours Bill
    Paul, Thayanee and Eli
    Hi! been a while (joined over at I'm drjean there)... was wondering how you are... I hope well.
    Hi Sir; ty for your Amen; couldn't figure what the previous poster meant about Romans 3.23. Blessings
    Psalm 62:1-2
    Truly my soul silently waits for God;From Him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved. :wave
    Hey Taylor, I appreciate that you teach on the 5th grade level so more can fully understand what you teach. Why not put that into a signature line for yourself? Then everyone will know each time what your aims are. Just a thought. TC :waving
    :waving I think the best thing is to ignore certain members completely... I'm looking for that option on the site myself. Let me know how or if I can contribute to your Revelation threads.
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