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  • No longer will OSAS vx OSNAS be allowed to be debated, argued, or discussed in theology forum. Too much time is required to monitor and rescources used to debate this subject which hasn't been definitively decided in 3,000 years.

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  • I only have so many fingers and toes which apparently aren't helping me figure out the difference between the two. I gave up..me give up? No way,, I checked online to save my counting on toes since it's cold and taking shoes off is out of the question. I am actually closer to Kansas City than Denver. I have been to Kansas City in Kansas and Missouri. Too busy for me.
    I don't want to derail the thread again, so hopefully, my answering here is acceptable to you.

    If you follow the yellowbrick road past the scarecrow, tinman, and lion....you will see Toto and myself. :biggrin

    Oooops....sorry.....that is another person and time. :)

    I live a few hours northwest of Wichita in the wheatfields and I haven't seen any scarecrows here.

    P.S. I have really been enjoying your responses to people. :yes
    Hi there. Just finished reading Frank Perretti's This Present Darkness. I think it describes accurately how the spiritual side of life overlaps with the physical. Anyway thanks for recommending it. It was an intriguing read.
    ok, i was a 19d which in your day might have been what was known as an 11d. on which tracks? i figured you were an armor officer.
    ok so were a helicopter pilot then went to which branch?im a staff sergeant in the national guard that has served in afghanistan and i have 21 years of service with three years of active time. i assumed correctly that you were a flag officer with command and staff college and army war college behind you.my mos's are 19d30,31b30, 14s30.i have to get one more. trust me i doubt you would fry my brain. i have a coworker who has almost the same years and is a retired major(inf) and was recalled to the army reserves recenlty then retired.he enlisted in 1975
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