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Recent content by wren51

  1. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer Request

    Prayer request that my boss will let me take Good Friday off, so that I may attend church service with my family.
  2. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for Strength

    Thank you for your prayers! The new boss is training me for a different task in the pharmacy, this one is not as physically demanding, however it requires more mental concentration. It is crucial that I don't make a mistake. I will keep praying as I do my work, and set my confidence in God.
  3. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for Strength

    The new boss made changes. Some of them are tough, and the requirements are more difficult. However, it seems more fair. There have been backlash, and I have a coworker who still keeps trying to abuse the system. Nevertheless, it is answered prayer. I just keep praying for God's direction and...
  4. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] I need Prayer

    Thank you for sharing! I feel like I'm in a rut right now and your testimony really helped me.
  5. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer to Remove Depression

    I've been trying to get more sleep now, and taking a multivitamin. As for exercise, I work in a physically demanding job, so I don't know if that counts. I try to keep myself busy and not worry so much, but sometimes it's been difficult. I've been trying to hold things loosely to keep going.
  6. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] For my aunt

    I'm sorry for your loss. She is in heaven now.
  7. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for my Mother, and for my family..

    Thank you for sharing, ezrider. I will be praying for you and your family. I'm so thankful that you are part of a loving family that is supporting your mother near the end of her life. Take care, and God bless to you all.
  8. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer to Remove Depression

    I have been battling depression and feel so tired and sad lately. I have been fighting it and ask for relief. I ask for the joy of the LORD and experience comfort.
  9. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for Strength

    Thank you for your prayers. It has been answered approximately 2-3 days after this post. The place is currently still difficult and still takes a lot of time getting use to with the new boss and his changes. I don't know the outcome, but God is in control and I will keep praying to strengthen my...
  10. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] For my aunt

    Heavenly Father, Thank you for the loving bond between this aunt and nephew. In a world, where family relationships have often been torn apart. Bless their family. Comfort historyb through his grief, and his aunt as she makes her journey to you. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  11. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] forgive yourself when you know you are no guilty.

    Thank you for the reminder. Guilt is something that I struggle with, but God already forgot, so I should keep moving forward.
  12. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for Strength

    I work at an abusive workplace, where the manager give me some of the most stressful, physically demanding and demeaning tasks. The manager's favourite employees harass me and bully me. Although they are new and first started working at the company, he granted them benefits. I have working there...
  13. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Praying for a Miracle

    I've been facing so many problems that I don't know where to start. I just want prayer to get through with life and not give in. I feel defeated and I need the Holy Spirit's guidance and the strength to face the future.
  14. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer Requests

    I have several prayer requests. I pray that I can give it all to God. 1) Problems at Work - I've been having difficulties at my current job, mainly with connecting with people. I just want to come to work, but people don't want to work and there are people causing trouble. There is a lot of...
  15. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Fearful

    I am finally returning to work on Wednesday after being off for 3 weeks. I am extremely fearful, especially since there are coworkers that do not like me and have tried to get me fired before I left. I have been demoted, and no longer have a desk. I pray that my stuff is still safe and that they...