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Terms & Conditions

We want our members struggling with addiction to feel safe and to be treated with respect and dignity. This requires all of us to participate. Please see the Terms and Conditions before posting in this forum.

For access, please send a private message to

Terms & Conditions​

1. We are here to educate and support Christians who have suffered from some form of addiction. If you are not an addict, please do not judge or criticize any of our members.

2. Do not use scripture to validate your point of view if it in any way makes our members feel uncomfortable about themselves.

3. We use SET communication here. This means the truth always goes hand in hand with sympathy and empathy.

S = sympathy E = empathy T = truth.

Welcome to the Recovery Forum ​ Please tell is your story, list your questions and tell us how we can help you. This is a safe place to learn. To protect your identify create an anonymous username.

We want to help you balance your Christian beliefs with your recovery. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the one who heals us from addiction.

There are two kinds of addiction. Substance abuse and behavioral addiction. Addiction is defined as a loss of control over a substance or behavior that has affected all aspects of your life.

We are open to anyone suffering from some form of addiction or anyone who wants to support an addict with well-intentioned advice.