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    Families exist in Heaven or No?

    Yeah, also take note that people won't be married in Heaven. Don't feel distraught about it, though. God obvously thinks that we don't need marriage in the ressurection.
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    [__ Prayer __] church attendence

    Let that be a reason for you to attend church. You can set the example for others while improving your own relationship with God.
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    [__ Prayer __] church attendence

    It's a good thing that you decided to go to church more often. I'm in the same situationa and made a commitment to go back last week. Is there a reason why you want to start going back?
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    You are warmly welcomed here, Shannon. You are clearly on the straight and narrow path in your walk with the Lord, and I personally am pleased that you seek His face. Stay on the narrow path and let no-one lead you out of the way. Should you ever become discouraged, we invite you to talk to us...
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    Need help...

    It's a pleasure to have you here, Denghis, and should you have any questions about the faith, we are happilly ready to answer them for you!
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    For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and..?

    Jesus is the Word, for as it is written in John 1:14, The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.
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    Have You Joined Your College Christian Club?

    Have you? I joined just a few days ago, and I'm excited to meet the brethren! I'm praying really hard that I will befriend genuine Christians to fellowship with.
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    [_ Old Earth _] Cloning and Sin...

    I didn't say anything about atheism, so why are you bashing Christianity? Also, your argument is poor because you should judge Christianity by the doctrine, not just its people, who are imperfect. However, there are great examples of Christians. You biggots just like to single out the Christians...
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    [_ Old Earth _] Cloning and Sin...

    There was this one guy I met on a political forum who wanted clones to be sold on the meat market. I brough this up before, but it still doesn't cease to amaze me. He gave humanity so little value that it's like somebody gutted his soul out of his body. It's because of people like him that we...
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    Awesome movie quote thread.

    That "tears in the rain" quote was never scripted, I found out. The actor just came up with it during the shoot.
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    Does Athiesm have valid claims? Please advise

    If I may jump in and offer a word of advice, only reading the Bible will strengthen your faith and broaden your horizons, for "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." So you can't have faith nor hear the truth if you don't read the Scriptures! Also, Peter said in 1 Peter 3:15 to...
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    Could Islam Be the Great Whore?

    Islam could be the great whore who is drunk with the blood of the saints. Notice that I'm not saying that it is the great whore, I'm saying that it might be, and I think that there's a strong case for it being such. Islam really is drunk with the blood of the saints for one, and Islam is all...
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    [_ Old Earth _] Does Atheism Make People Smarter?

    I mean no offense, but what you just said is a golden example of why you atheists fail at grasping true knowledge. All you do is perform! You foolishly think that if you do enough good works, that makes you a good person. Jesus already has a robe of righteousness with which to clothe you, which...
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    Isaiah 14:12 - KJV vs. NIV

    There are ravenous wolves disguised as Christians who say things like "Lucifer isn't Satan" Don't be fooled, brethren.
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    [_ Old Earth _] Does Atheism Make People Smarter?

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.
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    What is a heretic?

    A man who was against persecuting heretics believed that anybody can be a heritic. Although this is true from a legal perspective, I disagree with him on spiritual grounds. I believe that heresy is genuinly commited by people who distort the true gospel.
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    Legion Movie

    Hollywood recieved money due to the economic crisis. That's what I was refering to.
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    Favorite author? Mine is Gene Edwards

    C.S Lewis is my favorite author.
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    Legion Movie

    Have you heard of the movie about a demon who saves the world from God? It's called "Legion", and I heard that it was so bad that its blasphemies actually backfired on the movie. God turns mankind into zombies!? That's your stimulus tax dollars at work, people.
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    Last Movie to make you Cry. What is it?

    The Passion of the Christ made me cry.