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  1. Classik

    Where is everybody? This is Classik again

    Woooooooooooooooooow! Was having difficulties logging in...until I had to use the forum link to log in. Was gone for a while. Glad to notice Stove is around, C.E, John DB. Taylor, netchaplin, he'srisen (seems to have obtained a new account?), pollard? is this the old pollard? And where is the...
  2. Classik

    Stuff about hell fire

    Just recently I accidentally touched the hot soldering iron. It was awful just on about 0.5cm x 0.5cm of my skin. Hell fire would be a lot hotter and engages the whole body. Is hell fire really real?
  3. Classik


    What are the defined functions of the Trinity - individually?
  4. Classik

    SITE feels great

    I disappeared for a while. SITE feels so great on my device. I give you a 4.99999999 plus
  5. Classik

    Does The HOLY SPIRIT leave when we sin?

    Does HE
  6. Classik

    Hold yourself on this one...

    Enjoy it
  7. Classik

    Our guns...or we quit

    I have always thought we are better off without guns than with them. The more we crave for them the more likely we go for more sophisticated ones...maybe until we get bazookas, cannons and then missiles. Improve our security standard. Trust me that some gun fans have never shot a single bullet...
  8. Classik

    Is Valentine for the youth?

    A serious question indeed.
  9. Classik

    Secular Artist

    Should we invite secular artists or worldly artists to perform in our Christian gatherings? By artists I mean e.g Musicians, actors, models etc etc etc
  10. Classik

    After death, what then?

    We have varying opinions on this subject, really. So after death what happens? Judgement follows? Some believe that we all shall wait, and when the SON returns, the dead shall rise first, and then the living shall join in the departure: then judgement takes place. So which is the biblical...
  11. Classik

    New Year Resolutions - fulfilling all righteousness?

    It is that time of the year when Christians, as well as unbelievers, resolve to live better, and do the right thing. Did you resolve to do anything better or do the right thing? However some resolutions may be on the negative
  12. Classik

    ...If Jesus had appeared rich and wealthy

    Maybe if HE had appeared rich HE would have had quite a greater number of disciples or followers. But majority of them would be eat-HIS-money kind of followers. This reminds us why the crowd had to gather the other day when they saw Jesus. HE told them they only came because HE fed them the...
  13. Classik

    Stay home dads

    Is it morally and spiritually right for men to do the babything at home while the wives work to take care of the family? Is such a man the man Jesus talks about is worst than an infidel?
  14. Classik

    In defense of my corrupt boss

    A friend whose boss is very morally corrupt at work defended the boss somewhere. Someone said and wrote something about this corrupt boss. But the boss was physically defended by the staff: that his boss is not corrupt - he is a person of integrity. He knows what the boss really does. Is this...
  15. Classik

    Exalted higher than your pastor or spiritual leader

    Can someone under a church or spiritual leader and pastor really grow more than the pastor? Anything wrong with that; or should he or she just move to wherever where he or she can fully manifest his growth? your thoughts
  16. Classik

    Should women cover their hair? 1 Cor 11

    5 But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved. 15 But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her[a] for a covering.
  17. Classik

    drink drink drink no no no

  18. Classik

    The Broke Guys' claim

    Only broke guys testify women love money. How true is this?
  19. Classik

    Courtship ain't necessary - divine direction is

    In a class, the conductor tried to have us give our opinions on the subject of courtship. The pastor who spoke last summarised with the assertion that: You can never know all about a partner. Pray to God for direction, and you shall be fine.
  20. Classik

    Grace vs Law - which is more important?

    That was the question someone asked.