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  1. J


    i see a simple equation , having researched nothing much has changed satan using the very same strategy as was used in the garden Are you sure God said, yes we,re sure he even sent his only begotten son. another temptation , false promise you shall become as Gods so to disobey...
  2. J

    Be Still & Know i am God , contemplation, meditation. devotion.

    Its said the art of contemplative prayer has been lost to the christian church, true spirituality , meditating, contemplating , devotion. I was very inspired by a book called the Saffron robe, the story of Singh a Sing , who Jesus appeared to, just before he was going to throw himself under...
  3. J

    The Lords super ,

    When we take part in the bread and the wine, known to some as the Eucharist , through transistorization is the bread and wine after being consecrated, does the bread and wine become the body of Christ and the wine the blood of Jesus. ? or is it a symbolic feast ? Mark 14.22...
  4. J

    Pastor hanged today in Iran

    Youcef Nadarkhani Executed: Christian Pastor Hanged in Iran for Being Christian Iran, War on Terror Add comments Mar 03 2012 Youcef Nadarkhani has been executed in Iran. He is the Christian pastor who has been imprisoned and found guilty by the courts in Iran of being a Christian. Now...
  5. J

    What is the truth ?

    What is the Truth who do we believe. who do we follow, listen to. what do we put our faith, belief , hope and trust in ? The truth movement, said to be seeking and exposing the truth. ??? John 18.36 Jesus says his Kingdom is not of this world, Pilate asks you are a King then ? Jesus...
  6. J

    I will destroy this Temple

    Jesus makes the claim , that he would destroy the temple and raise it up again , in three days. speaking of himself. destroying the old, system , religion, because the New has come, the living temple, Jesus- us We to are, can be the Temples of the Holy spirit. The Kingdom of God is with...
  7. J

    To all you pray warriors, please pray for her

    To all you pray warriors, please pray for her. my mother returns to Kisumu Kenya today , Friday the 3rd Febuary , at 73 years old she still heads up covenant childrens home for street children in Kisumu, caring for other 230 children. http:www.covenanthome.co.uk Patrica Botwright...
  8. J

    How much can God be involved in the affairs of men

    Ultimantly God is in control . We see Jesus taken out of harms reach by Joseph and Mary into Eygpt, as Herod dispatched his troops to Bethlehem. We later see men...
  9. J

    Are you thirsty? living waters

    Jesus said if any one is thirsty let them come unto him and drink, for out of their inner most being will flow rivers of living water. i see a lot of people now every where i go drying up, down cast, depressed, no song in their heart, cast down maybe because of the present financial...
  10. J

    Do you believe in Aliens ?

    Do you believe in Aliens ? Some believe we are created in Gods image, to have fellowship with our Heavenly Father, and we can become through the Lord Jesus Christ, sons and daughters of the most high. Putting us above the angels, angels to are said to walk among us, in the book of...
  11. J

    Warning are you ready? just in case !

    Are you ready just in case ? Another picture is emerging , that crew on the Cost Concordia, believed the only crisis was a power black out, and urged passengers to return to their cabins, not relizing the true and real situation they were in, and what was about to unfold. Maybe even on...
  12. J

    The prosperity doctrine

    The Prosperity Doctrine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Prosperity doctrine teaches that those who have faith in God will become wealthy, have the best of material things and life will be sweet and comfortable. Note that Baal was and...
  13. J

    How would your world change ?

    How would your world change if the world was going to end this year, by 21/12/2012 ? not saying for one moment it is, then again no one knows what a day can bring.? less imagine for a moment I have a freind who has a brain tumour and has been tolled he has no more than three years , my...
  14. J

    [__ Prayer __] He will guide you, this is such a blessing

    Jesus said he would send Gods Holy spirit to guide us into all truth, i am so gratefull, thankfull also for the wisdom that comes from above, such is Gods care and love for us, he leads and guides us , showing us the right path, we should take, confirms and helps us to find the right direction...
  15. J

    Time is up !

    Jesus is the ARK of the new covenant, if you have placed your hope, trust, faith in him, youre in the right place at the right time, and we can only live one day at a time, the here and now, and ask for what we need for this day, im reminded of the miracle of Gods spirit that can transform our...
  16. J

    Why three days and three nights?

    Why three days and three nights ? I was recently helping my father in law move a cooker, i had put it on a sack barrow, when i went to lift it, larger than your usual cooker it feel forward onto its front, breaking the oven handle, and the glass came out, took him 3 days to repair, from...
  17. J

    Is the Holy Spirit a person?

    Is the Holy Spirit a person ? http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=188896
  18. J

    Should christainty oppose the NWO?

    personely to i think as christians we need a better under standing of how the new testement was compiled, put to gether, and by whom, who was involved , why some scripture was accepted and other scripture accounts Gospels dismissed. ? who had the final say, ect what happened to the oringinal...
  19. J

    Did the Lord Jesus say they would see his return ?

    in the book of Mathew chapter 10.23 Jesus says they would not have preached to all the cities of Israel before the son of man would come. and in Mathew 24. 34 Mark 13 .30 which looked like they were both copied from the same early manuscript. Jesus says, all he was out lining...
  20. J


    A friend of mine recently had a collision with a buffalo in Africa, leaving him pretty bust up. Then bulls came up again, with bull fighting being banned in Barcelonia, with all the talk around Elenin, and the Zodic sign Taurus being linked with Wellington, made me wonder if NewZealand...