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  1. questdriven

    Hobbies I have a weird hobby--dressing up as animals

    This one is a partial suit I bought soon after getting my new job. Cost me a pretty penny. I named him Hazard. He's an arctic fox, who has mostly white fur, except he has blue paws and pawpads (not pictured). Just going to be a disclaimer out there that this is just for fun, I'm not doing...
  2. questdriven

    [__ Praise __] I have a job now!

    So I had left in a few applications for different positions at the grocery store. Didn't necessarily expect to hear from them, since I'd applied before and never heard back. But one night, lo and behold, I checked my voicemail and there was the hiring manager saying do you want to give me a call...
  3. questdriven

    Anyone else content with staying single? Just curious

    Just curious :) I feel like most people want to date or get married, and I'm here like "I'm good". That's not to say I've never had a desire for marriage, I used to a bit, but I feel I have "the gift of singleness" and I'm quite content to remain as I am
  4. questdriven

    offering art commissions

    Info here: https://www.deviantart.com/colliequest/art/updated-commission-sheet-760950241 Go take a look :) I also offer simple request sketches for donations to my ko-fi page (link to that provided in the page linked above) :)
  5. questdriven

    Name something you are happy about today

    Today I got more crossed off my daily to do list than I usually do :)
  6. questdriven


    I'm going to bring this up with my counselor, but I definitely have something with short term memory going on. I keep setting things down and forgetting about them completely, misplacing things (though I can usually find them again fairly easily), things like that. It's more or less that I get...
  7. questdriven

    Keep running out of space on my phone

    My Samsung Galaxy on5 phone holds about 8 GB. I do use an SD card to store stuff on, though it won't let me transfer anything other than pictures and stuff. I got this phone for free, so. Unless I decide I'm willing to dig out the dough for an upgrade I'm stuck with this one. Anyway, right now...
  8. questdriven


    Today I stuck my hand on a cactus and had to pull the needles out one by one. So how is your day going?
  9. questdriven

    Photographs it's been a while since I posted my art

    traditional stuff that turned out decent: One of these pictures is a pet portrait, the others are random characters I made up. (Though the last one is obviously inspired by Naruto.)
  10. questdriven

    18 year old brother

    So I asked this a few years ago when I sort of introduced my brother to anime and my mom didn't like that. My brother was 14 at the time and I realized my actions were wrong and tried to stop that. It has been difficult to entirely avoid encouraging my brother to disobey her, but overall I've...
  11. questdriven

    computer reading glasses?

    My brother mentioned to me some computer glasses that are supposed to reduce eyestrain. I'm a heavy computer user, and I have been experiencing more eyestrain than I used to. And apparently it can impact your eyes or vision badly eventually too. Are computer reading glasses worth it?
  12. questdriven

    psychological addiction?

    I've spoken about this here and there, as something I once experienced. For most of the time I've been here, I've referred to it as depression. Because that is the label I first gave to it, and because that is easier than explaining it for what it really was or trying to get people to take the...
  13. questdriven

    need help with viruses and adware

    A little help...? It looks like the adware that was on my laptop found it's way over to the desktop computer. Plus, keep getting notifications on start how the virus program blocked this or that. I ran a full system scan, and then a boot scan. In all those found about four files and successfully...
  14. questdriven

    question about eyes

    Well this may be nothing but I haven't been to an eye doctor in several years now, so wondering. Lately I've noticed a thing where I'll be reading manga but have to stop and blink or rub my eyes before I can continue reading. Like, I can definitely see, but suddenly I can't concentrate on...
  15. questdriven

    highly sensitive people

    Well, not sure this is exactly health related (mental health, maybe?), but seems to fit here better than the lounge. Anyways: "Roughly 20% of the population struggle with high sensitivity. Typical traits include the following: 1. As students, they work differently from other people. They often...
  16. questdriven

    I think you guys will appreciate this

    Picture that is commonly shared (usually in non-conflict situations, but often when discussing something people say) on another site/group I am in: (Sorry the picture isn't bigger) There's also this one:
  17. questdriven

    [__ Prayer __] another thread about pets with health problems

    Just in general very scared and trying not to think about it too hard. One pet has a heart murmur and the other was just diagnosed with kidney failure. The heart murmur is a concern because it seems to be getting worse and I've had to take my dog to the vet multiple times for coughing since last...
  18. questdriven

    possibly my favorite Christian song

    "Or would it set me free If I dared to let you see The truth behind the person That you imagine me to be? Would your arms be open Or would you walk away Would the love of Jesus be enough to make you stay?"
  19. questdriven

    I thought my cat would be healthy

    Well. Early stages of kidney failure. Found out when I had him get a blood panel to check for onion toxins. (Onions are toxic to dogs and cats.) My future is one of vet bills. Well, I doubt this would have been caught at the yearly checkup since they don't do blood panels then. So probably...
  20. questdriven

    [_ Old Earth _] do animals have consciousness?

    What does science have to say about this? I tend to think that animals are too complex not to have some form of consciousness, especially having pets myself. Some dog breeds are said to have the intelligence of a three year old child (Poodles and Border Collies, I believe). They do tend to be...