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    We are Called to 'Come' & build the New City

    My heart spark was lit when I began to notice some powerful connecting patterns in the language between the first account of the city of Babel in Gen 11 and the call of the Sprite and Bride in Rev 22. Some things I just never noticed before! 1st in Rev 22:17 The Spirit and the Bride say 'Come'...
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    The Sabbaths and Physics

    Agua suggested I start a new topic to see if others would like to consider the possible connections between the lesson of the Sabbaths and the way energy interacts with life on the planet. As we were talking in a different post all life is dependent on a range of energy flows, to little energy...
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    How are we to understand judgment?

    I thought this might be a good new topic since a few of use have been debating it a little. So I'd like to start with sharing a few scriptures that have helped me to see that 'judgment' to come will not always mean condemnation. So first of all I'd like to share about the word itself. Strongs...
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    buying and selling

    Good evening, I've been wanting to share a new perspective with all of you on a new view I have regarding the meaning of the 'buying and selling' by everyone who has the mark of the beast. Revelation 3:18 NAS I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, and...
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    The eighth beast & 666

    Hope I've got the proper place for this topic. I know this will no doubt go in many direction quickly, but I just wanted share.... Of late in my personal studies I have begun to see a pattern that connects various entities mentioned in the scriptures. In Rev 17:11 "The beast which was and is...
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    Moneyless Manifesto

    I highly recommend everyone read this book, It's speaking about the real life example of a young man who lived without using money for 3 years and all the wonderful insights he learned about the gift culture, and various ways money affects us sometimes without us noticing any more. There is a...
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    Drying up of the Euphrates??

    I'm wanting to share something we have been studying on as a family. What is the event of the drying of the Euphrates? Is there a pattern we can look to in the OT for answers? It seems to us more and more that there is a very strong parallel between the account of crossing the Jordan and the...
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    Jesus in the past/Jesus in the future.

    Hello friends, Wow my other thread really grew while I was away! I have a new topic/question to ask all of you to consider. As time goes by I'm understanding more and more why many Christians hold various preterist views. I'm thinking I must partly hold some myself in regards to the...
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    About how many here hold some preterism views? - Part 2

    About how many here hold some preterism views? Hello everyone, Before I start a topic I'm curious about how many are on this board that hold some preterist views? I do have a topic I'd like to get some feed back on. digging This is a continuation thread, the old thread is 51722 by...
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    About how many here hold some preterism views?

    Hello everyone, Before I start a topic I'm curious about how many are on this board that hold some preterist views? I do have a topic I'd like to get some feed back on. digging
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    Two helpers, Eve vs the Spirit

    Hello friends, I just noticed this small similarity and I wanted to share it and see if you see anything in it? When Eve was created, Genesis 2:18 NAS Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone ; I will make him a helper suitable for him." Notice how the spirit is...
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    patterns in nature and symbols in the bible

    Hello new friends, Here is how I'm seeing the money system in connection to the patterns I keep thinking about with the predator/prey cycle that humanity can not avoid at this time. (I feel the use of predator beasts in Revelation is also connected) Money is equal to the food supply in...
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    3 sabbaths and the mark of the beast

    Well I'm new and I'm just going to jump in with both feet on this one! I believe we can learn from nature to help us get clearer understanding about bible topics. In nature there is a very strong cycle of 'rest' build into the living world. All mammals have a sleep cycle and even the earth...
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    Joined to talk about lessons learned from the 3 Sabbaths

    Hello everyone, I have been doing much study of late on the Sabbaths, I don't practise or follow the sabbath as many christians do but I am very keen to talk and share with anyone who has spent time studying on this topic because I have begun to see there are some very important lessons...