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  1. lovely

    Bible Study The Command To Be Hospitiable

    Lately I've been trying to learn about Hospitality, and praying that God would teach me and help me obey. Since that time it has dawned on me, more than ever before, that this isn't just something we should do as entertainment, or for fellowship, but God commands it of every believer. He...
  2. lovely

    Bible Study Our Account

    Our accounts.... I recently heard a brother explain why he did not believe in Limited Atonement, and I thought I would try to share it here and see what others may think. As sinners we had an account that was loaded with debt...sin debt. That account was full for every person, but then...
  3. lovely

    [__ Prayer __] Reminders

    Praying for those who lost friends and family on 9/11 as they face all the reminders.
  4. lovely

    [__ Prayer __] God's Faithfulness

    Father, thank you for your faithfulness to your children.
  5. lovely

    [__ Prayer __] Prayers for Arianna

    I would like everyone to lift up my daughter in prayer. We are going on the 14th of this month for some tests for her heart, she has the same condition that caused her dad's death. Just pray that the Lord will help her trust in Him, give her faith and comfort, and ultimately that He would heal...
  6. lovely

    My Current Avatar

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the little dancing girl in my new avatar is my daughter, Ari. We were at the park and she was really having a good time singing songs about Jesus as she just danced and spinned. I love that photo along with the memory of that day. I tried to add a Psalm...
  7. lovely

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer For My Mother-in-law.

    My husband's mother, Shirley, is very sick and having many problems. Could you all pleas remember her in your prayers...she is a beliver. Thank you, and the Lord bless you.
  8. lovely

    Shrinky Dinks

    I don't know if any of you have a memory of these, but I remember making them as a child. Anyway, we have been using Shrinky Dinks for Art this week, for the past two days, and they are so fun I got caught up in making some myself. They would be a great art project for your children this...
  9. lovely

    Power Tools or Super Powers?

    I have to giggle at my family a bit this morning, because my husband and sons are all so excited to be outside working. I am listening to the riding lawn mower rev up right now! I was just thinking, why do men (and boys) love power tools so much? My theory is that they feel like they have...
  10. lovely

    What are you pausing?

    This morning I got a little giggle from my daughter. I called her in to help me find something in the living room, and as she walked out of the boy's bedroom she said, "Nate pause it. Nate, pause it!" Well, we do not have video games, and the only television we have is in the living room...
  11. lovely

    Credit...is it freeing up?

    This past few weeks our mail has been bombarded with credit offers, has anyone else noticed this? It seemed to be pretty quiet for a long time concerning these sort of advertisments, but lately we have had a lot. Do you think this means that the credit system is being freed up a bit?
  12. lovely

    The Principal And The Paddle

    The Principal And The Paddle By Eric Adelson | NEWSWEEK Published Apr 25, 2009 From the magazine issue dated May 4, 2009 "Thirty minutes into his first day of school at John C, a father walked into Nixon's office and said, "I want to give you the authority to whip my son's butt." Nixon was...
  13. lovely

    The Push Yourself Thread!

    Okay, so I'm starting this thread because I was inspired by Jeff's (stovebolts) marathon thread to push myself more. It can be very hard to make changes in our lives, and sometimes all we need is the Lord to help us, and an example before us that gives us a little encouragement. So, I am going...
  14. lovely


    Our cat, Sage, is having kittens. :( The first two died while she was giving birth. This is her first time. She is resting now. I hope she copes better with the other ones. I put olive oil on her for lubrication, and now we are waiting until the next one is ready.
  15. lovely

    Did anyone else see it?

    I saw a different header on the board, with adds going down the sides. Was it a glitch on my computer?
  16. lovely

    [__ Prayer __] Withdrawing from Steriods

    Please pray for me. I can't write how I feel.
  17. lovely

    Polyface Farms

    Polyface Farms This is a wonderfully informative video. Mr. Salatin is a believer, and he has developled some neat, and inexpensive, ways to farm. His mission: "We are in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture." I can't tell...
  18. lovely

    China Calls for a Global Currency

    Written by Charles Scaliger Tuesday, 24 March 2009 19:40 China is calling for a new global reserve currency to replace the dollar. According to an AP report, the governor of China’s central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, wrote in an essay on Monday that the dollar should be replaced by a...
  19. lovely

    Playing God With Homeschoolers

    This article is posted in full length. It can be found here... http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php? ... geId=92457 This article was in my inbox this morning. If you would like to know more about the fight for parental rights go here.... http://www.parentalrights.org The HSLDA is...
  20. lovely

    [__ Prayer __] Praise

    I am just praising God today for His care and answered prayers. I am going to list them. :-) I was having trouble with my lungs the last few weeks, but we figured out that I had bad medicine...a new dose fixed it. We had the opportunity to be hospitable with two dear little fellows that...