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    If You Take Vitamin D, Make Sure You Get Enough Magnesium

    If you take a vitamin D supplement, you must make sure that you get enough magnesium. Without enough magnesium, vitamin D supplements can lead to calcification of your blood vessels. So balance is the key.
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    GMO Investing Forecast.

    Based on valuation, GMO estimates a negative 5.6% return on the S&P. 7 year time frame. US cash and emerging markets stock/debt are their only positive categories. That is, GMO expects stocks to lag the bank's terrible inflation over the next 7 years or so. The stock market is in a mania...
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    Historical Correlation Between S&P Valuation and Future Return

    Valuation suggests negative nominal S&P return over the next 10 to 12 years. Don't even ask about real return. The current mania could continue for years though.
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    Intel, AMD, and Arm Chips Have Been Hacked

    Hackers have found a way to hack chips from Intel, AMD, and Arm. Doesn't matter whether you use Windows, Linux, Apple, or Chromebook. Hackers are targeting the chips, not the software. Software patches can help keep hackers out of the chips, but software writers are playing catch up with the...
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    American Retirement Plans

    Pensions for the majority are nearly impossible to fund with negative real interest rates. Instead, megacorp is switching to the 401k. Don't even ask about pensions at mini companies. Workers notice that a dollar saved today will not be worth as much in 40 years. Most are not bothering to...
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    Exercise, but Only in Clean Filtered Air

    Turn your air filter on before exercising on your treadmill.
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    Study on Healthiest Stand/Sitting Ratio

    New research indicates that people should vary their posture throughout the day. Standing all day is no better than sitting all day. Exactly. A recliner is far healthier than a straight backed chair with your feet on the ground. So sit in a recliner, moving a bit while you are sitting. Get...
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    Remembering Stuff

    Research indicates memory can be enhanced by: 4) Simply reading the information out loud to yourself helps most people to remember. 2) Drawing a picture illustrating the concept. 3) Tell someone about it. Read it out loud, summarize the new data, and tell another person about it in your own...
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    [__ Prayer __] Prayer For Regular Heart Beat

    Please ask Lord Jesus to make my heart beat normally at all times. Several trips to the emergency room in July and early August. Also my digestion. May the Lord bless you.
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    A new study warns that statin use may slow people down.
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    Gold Standard

    http://www.cato.org/blog/ten-things-every-economist-should-know-about-gold-standard Our ancestors wisely used a gold standard to help protect themselves from the evil of divers weights and measures.