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  1. sesantek

    Free Christian Personal Development Books You Must Download and Read

    Visit Free Christian Personal Development Books to download over 30 free Christian problem-solving titles from our Bible Short series. Gain access to titles like How to Fly with Your Faith, How to Exit the Cage of Fear, 52 Bible Secrets for Your Business Success, How to Multiply Your Resources...
  2. sesantek

    Your Success Poem For 2013: The Ignorant Obstacle

    Obstacle, how I love your face, How I love your 'punches', How I love your opposition, How I love your persistence, Most importantly, how I love your IGNORANCE!, Since your presence and opposition will always take me to the NEXT LEVEL!
  3. sesantek

    Can Christians Attract the Devil With Their Actions

    I once informed a neighbor that he is attracting the devil with his utterances and he felt I was wrong with my statement. Can christians attract the devil with their actions.
  4. sesantek

    Online Prayer Network

    Jesus says in Luke 18, ".Men ought to pray and not to faint. You can join an online prayer network where you will have the opportunity to pray for yourself, family, church, nation. You will also have your dreams interpreted and your christian questions answered. You can also share your...
  5. sesantek

    When Your Wife Does Not Support Your Vision

    What do you do when your wife shows high level indifference towards your God-given vision.
  6. sesantek

    Inspired Illustration on the Topic of Salvation

    The HolySpirit of God inspired me with this illustration on the topics of salvation; sanctification and baptism of the HolySpirit. Please enjoy the illustration. 1. A very dirty cloth lie on the floor: this is' the state of a non christian. He or she is dirty and on the floor. Sin has...
  7. sesantek

    Have You Committed a Silly Mistakes Before?

    Is there anybody in the house who has committed a very nasty mistake before. What was it and How did you forgive yourself I want to receive insight on how to counsel my friend who cheated on his wife.
  8. sesantek

    A Mother Who Nearly Ruined Her Daughter

    I will (through the help of the Holy spirit) like to point your attention (if you are a parent or potential parent) to a basic truth about parenting. I will be citing examples from a Bible story. 1. A woman cried unto Jesus for help over her daughter: †And behold a woman of Canaan came...
  9. sesantek

    Jesus and Your our Success

    This is a great material that discussed success principles as demonstrated by our Lord Jesus. It is a masterpiece. The second edition improved on the first. It treated such topics like 1. why Jesus is God. 2. why Jesus is called the son of God and the son of man in the bible. 3 10 success...
  10. sesantek

    A Kingdom Where Every Body Is A King

    I am sharing this post to inform fellow forum members about a kingdom i discovered where everybody is a king. I want you to read the following Bible passages: “For He (God) has rescued us out of the darkness and gloom of satan’s kingdom and brought us into the kingdom of His dear Son...
  11. sesantek

    Famous Wisdom Quotes

    I have gained tremendously creating time to compile and learn from the various wisdom quotes from the great personalities that we have seen on this planet. These qoutes have inspired me a lot and they can to you too. I hope to give out my compilation to visitors to my website free of charge...
  12. sesantek

    Free Ebook on Jesus Christ

    I gave my life to Jesus some years ago and as a new christian, i settled down to read the Bible. I got to John 15 :5b which tells me in clear language that i can do nothing except i am hooked to Jesus. Despite the fact that i was already a Christian, i rebelled against this information. I dont...
  13. sesantek

    Shielding Yourself From "Online Thieves"

    Hello, Since the activities of "online thieves" are increasing every day, i think this article may be useful to somebody out there. Please enjoy it. 1. Always make backups of important information and store in a safe place separate from your computer. 2. Update and patch your operating...
  14. sesantek

    55 Webmasters Software Collections for the Price of One!

    Stop doing your job the hard way, let these amazing easy-to-use software collections and easy-to-understand videos show you the easy way to do it. I have leveraged on the use of software for sometime now. I have enjoyed every bit of it as i have contracted very few of my online activities out...
  15. sesantek

    Fighting Economic Recession

    The current economic recession is biting hard and i have thought it wise to create a blog to discuss extra money making income online just like i have done for some time now. I hope these articles will help someone out there. They are articles to tutor you. Check it out at...
  16. sesantek

    A God One For Singles In The House

    Are you single and already looking miserable because of the long wait for the right person? You may just try out this resources (Single And Sure). It wil help you to keep focussed and wory and anxiety will be removed. You'll learn your "why's" along with the "how-to's". You'll discover why you...
  17. sesantek

    Does God Cages His Children?

    Hello everybody, Sometimes ago while looking through the bible, i began to think that God actually cages His children. This thought prompted me to write something on it on my blog at http://www.sesanoguntade.com/when-god-cages-you. please let me listen to your views about this topic and God...
  18. sesantek

    Visions - A Driver

    I have discovered that proper understanding of your visions in life drives you. It does this to me. I have two types of visions- general life visions and project visions. My project visions at every point in time must agree with my General life vision. Before any project, i have written all...
  19. sesantek

    69 Product IDEAS for You

    For some time, i have taken the time to find out why so many people will not work upon their ideas. I know very well that it is of great necessity that i must possess the ability to act on my projects if i want to be financially relevant. I have discovered OVER SECRETS that can just ensure...
  20. sesantek

    How You Begin to Act on Your ideas

    I am presently reading my own very book presently. It is a book that is meant to motivate people to act on their ideas. It is about 90 pages of great information. You can get a free sample here at www.rocktech.biz/powersample.zip Thanks sesan