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  1. sesantek

    How do you believe in Jesus, someone who you cannot see?

    Thank you. I understand your fears and concern about this topic. The problem here is that you have tried all along to relate with this issue on a physical level and spiritual level. The Christian faith is deeply a spiritual faith and experience. The Bible says we walk by faith and not by sight...
  2. sesantek

    Talking to non believers

    Talking to non believers about Christ can be both spiritaul and physical events. If you want to talk to non believers about Christ, you should first of all pray about it asking God to help to say the right things. Dont condemn them or condemn their sins straightaway. Take your time and share a...
  3. sesantek

    Fixing sin

    Jesus says in John 15 verse 5b that without Him we can do nothing. Now the sin nature cannot be handled or put to check or ruled over except you get the help of God. That was the reason for Jesus' sacrifice. so anyone who wants to rule over the sin nature must first become born again. Now...
  4. sesantek

    To hell with me

    Now the message from that bible passage is this: It's a warning that Godly or Christian spiritual matters requires carefulness especially in this world where deceits, evil and demonic operations are the order of the day. So Christians and any who will listen, beware the road to heaven is narrow...
  5. sesantek

    Free Christian Personal Development Books You Must Download and Read

    Visit Free Christian Personal Development Books to download over 30 free Christian problem-solving titles from our Bible Short series. Gain access to titles like How to Fly with Your Faith, How to Exit the Cage of Fear, 52 Bible Secrets for Your Business Success, How to Multiply Your Resources...
  6. sesantek

    Looking for a Stockbroker who markets Kingdom directed investments.

    Have you searched online? Search for "Christian Stockbroker" on google. or "Financial Planner". Carry out your due investigations before you commit to any.
  7. sesantek

    Should I go for a loan to start my business?

    Starting a business without money is possible but it requires the application of wisdom and lots of patience on your part. Really I believe loan or debt is not ungodly but it's a weight especially if you go into debt without your eyes open. I will advise you start from wherever and with whatever...
  8. sesantek

    Your Success Poem For 2013: The Ignorant Obstacle

    Obstacle, how I love your face, How I love your 'punches', How I love your opposition, How I love your persistence, Most importantly, how I love your IGNORANCE!, Since your presence and opposition will always take me to the NEXT LEVEL!
  9. sesantek

    Hello @Mike, I am sorry for my advert at the website and business plugs. My hand held device was...

    Hello @Mike, I am sorry for my advert at the website and business plugs. My hand held device was actually returning my message so I felt the post did not go through. So I kept on pressing the submit button. I was embarassed when I saw all of the posts on the forum. Please delete the message...
  10. sesantek

    When to get married

    When you are spiritually, physically and mentally ready.
  11. sesantek

    Post your pics..

    Nice christian pictures. Thanks.
  12. sesantek

    I want to love my enemies, but it is so hard!

    Yes it can be so hard to forgive. However, you are never expected to trust your own ability to do this, you are to trust God. This is what christianity is all about. You are doing very well by asking to forgive you because of your thoughts. You are also doing we'll by praying for this people...
  13. sesantek

    7 reasons gay ain't OK

    I agree with your views. I think meatballsub got it all wrong. You only gave reasons that may just help someone who is into it to have a rethink. Really, I don't know why lots of people come against some xtians when they explain what their bible teaches them. I have seen lots of threads on...
  14. sesantek

    Can Christians Attract the Devil With Their Actions

    Let me point out that the purpose of this thread is not to find out how to attract spirits but to make believers understand they can invite the devil witheir actions. Thanks
  15. sesantek

    Can Christians Attract the Devil With Their Actions

    I think I agree with you. The heart of man is evil continually.
  16. sesantek

    Can Christians Attract the Devil With Their Actions

    Can you please expansiate on your statement: if it weren't for the Bible, I don't think I'd believe in satan...
  17. sesantek

    Can Christians Attract the Devil With Their Actions

    I once informed a neighbor that he is attracting the devil with his utterances and he felt I was wrong with my statement. Can christians attract the devil with their actions.
  18. sesantek

    Your real identity in Christ.

    Yes we are seated in Christ Jesus...We are a city set on the hills... We a stars set in the firmament of heaven to bring light unto the earth (Genesis 1:16 and 17). Up there is our position. We have to make this count on the inside of us.
  19. sesantek

    Found this really odd... from a church website

    We can't really understand their intentions. However, people should be free to walk into a church without any commitment intially.
  20. sesantek

    Love is not an emotion...

    Nice article. Love is a nature. The bible says God is love. Love is His nature. You can't sperate God and His nature. Now no human beign can actually have this nature except if he gives his life to Jesus. The God type of love also called agape is the best form of love and it is a nature...