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  1. MarkG

    The "Hello" thread!

    Hi all! I don't know if we have a similar thread on the forum, but i thought it would be nice to just post a Hello, Good day or Good evening to all the wonderful folks on here when we come onto the forum! So i'll say ............. Hi everyone!:) Mark
  2. MarkG

    How shall i read the bible?

    Hi all! As a newcomer to Christianity, can anybody tell me if there is a right or wrong way to read the Bible? Should i just start at the the beginning of the Old Testament and read all the way through, or can i start at the New Testament, or could i read snippets as i find them? What has...
  3. MarkG

    Hi all!

    Hi all!:wave I just thought i'd better introduce myself! I'm Mark from Sheffield, England and i'm married to Stephanie and we have two daughters aged 24 and 17 and a Grandson aged 4! For quite a while now i've felt that there is "Something" missing in my life, and i'm sure that it is God that...