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  1. Fembot

    Free Online Bible College

    Can any of you suggest a free Bible college that is fully online? If you've attended one or know someone who has firsthand then that's even better. Thanks in advance...
  2. Fembot

    I am seeking a born again husband

    It's taken me a lot of guts to do, please take it easy on me. As desperate as this may sound, I do have opportunities to date but not with men that put God first in their life. I am so tired of searching high and low for a Christian husband. At church, they're either married, old...
  3. Fembot

    What do you say to a former atheist that is seeking God?

    If a former atheist asks ou to teach them about Christianity & God, where would you start. WHAT is most important for them to know? It seems overwhelming but I think many of you here will have some wonderful responses. Thanks! God Bless
  4. Fembot

    What "WORKS" are required of us to enter heaven?

    You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone. ~James 2:24 Well, this may be an old question for some of you. I was just wondering what you all think the works are? I use to think that being loving to others would suffice. But now I am starting to believe we are all...
  5. Fembot


    I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy & blessed new year...without having to mess with the mailbox. Take Care everyone...
  6. Fembot


    aaaaaawwwwww.... I saw it a while back but I thought to mention it after my last thread post "The Incredible Human Journey - EP1: Out of Africa" Babies is a great documentary on the birth and first few years of 4 babies from different corners of the world. It shows the lifestyle they were...
  7. Fembot

    The Incredible Human Journey

    Hi If you haven't seen this documentary already, you should search "The Incredible Human Journey - EP1: Out of Africa" on youtube....
  8. Fembot

    Newest Posts Column

    I really like the newest posts column to the
  9. Fembot

    October is Non GMO Month

    Just thought I'd pass some info along concerning genetically modified foods. " Together we CAN get GMOs banned from the US. Europe was able to do it over a decade ago without any government assistance. All they did was educate the consumers, and that was enough pressure on the food industry to...
  10. Fembot

    [__ Prayer __] Pray for me to find a good home church

    Hey everyone. I miss you guys! No really... Now that I am settled in one place, I would like to choose the right home church. Please pray for me to find a church that has great leadership will help me grow in Christ is filled with the Holy Spirit etc OK... I'd like better Christian...
  11. Fembot

    What is the Mark of the Beast?

    Please, enlighten me....
  12. Fembot

    I Need You Guys

    Im a little confused. I don't know where I want to live. It's hard to decide cus my family is so scattered. I don't know what to pursue. The places where I want to pursue my career are pretty bad. They don't call it the big apple for nothing...sin everywhere. I keep being led there by people but...
  13. Fembot

    Is it ok to stay friends with exes?

    Is it in God's plans for us to remain friends with people we were once intimate with (kissing), dated or who maybe had a crush on us? I know he would rather there not be any of this behavior in the first place. Because we need to choose one person and remain loyal. But I'm talking about meeting...
  14. Fembot

    Happy Anniversary!

    It's my six month anniversary of being a member on this forum :-) Yaaaaaay :clap :biglaugh
  15. Fembot

    Being Baptised More Than Once

    Hey, What is your opinion on being baptised more than once? Not counting baptism as a baby, if you were forced to as a teen, would it be necessary/acceptable to get baptised again as an adult? Thanks :-)
  16. Fembot

    I'm back..

    Hey guys, I'm happy to visit Christian again...I did think about many of you and our lovely conversations :halo I went to Europe for a month and was a little afraid that I might get carried away coming on here if I logged in while on vacation. Before that, I was in transition...
  17. Fembot

    Book Suggestions for a 9 yr old

    Hey everyone, Can you please give some Christian book suggestions for my 9 yr old nephew? Perhaps to teach him more about The Bible, Jesus, Christianity...He says he's fed up watching his 13 yr old brother watch rap videos all day and it is making him unfocused. THANK YOU :praying
  18. Fembot

    Strong or Weak Prayer

    Do you believe that some people are stronger prayers than others? I don't think God would consider one prayer superior to another (given that both people are sincerely speaking to Him from their heart). I was raised to believe that how loud you pray or speaking in tongues is of little...
  19. Fembot

    Knowing with Nicolas Cage

    I saw this movie tonight. It was pretty good. Even a Bible reference thrown in-though it does not parallel Christianity 100%
  20. Fembot

    Care to elaborate on the Giants?

    So what is your take on the giants in the Bible which caused God to flood the earth?