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  1. Fembot

    Is Being Against Tatoos the Law?

    God can talk to people in many different ways. A tattoo can help in witnessing, perhaps. Though it is not exactly the way Jesus would witness.
  2. Fembot

    Is Being Against Tatoos the Law?

    We should all strive to be like Jesus. He was not known to have tattoos. However, we shouldn't judge others. Almost everyone has their vice. Not one like another but weak and uninformed in our own way. I think attention to ones own sin is more important than pointing out others mistakes.
  3. Fembot

    The Holy Trinity vs. Salvation

    For example: we have a LEFT brain and a RIGHT brain. But both combine as ONE brain working together. Do you agree that the Holy Trinity represents one God?
  4. Fembot

    The Holy Trinity vs. Salvation

    If we reply without scripture then how is that really answering in truth? Our reality as Christians is based on Gods word. Scripture does state that one must have faith in Christ as their savior in order to have salvation. After faith does come a thrust for His word and acceptance of the Holy...
  5. Fembot

    Does God...just not like me?

    Limiting salt, sugar and fat will help you curb cravings. You have to meet God half way. Do you search the web for articles, YouTube for videos and for books on eating healthier, filling food? That would be a good start. Try eating mostly fruit & vegetables with one portion of lean meat for the...
  6. Fembot

    [__ Prayer __] New member in NEED of prayer!!!

    Truth is, the devil uses other people to try and turn you against God. Family or not, you don't deserve that treatment and must get away. In the future, things may get better or you may have to love them from a distance. I understand too well what you're going through and I pray that you stay...
  7. Fembot

    How do you know which bible book to read next?

    Thanks for that! Do you happen to know what denomination the developer/writer is?
  8. Fembot

    Free Online Bible College

    Ha ha ha Nick
  9. Fembot

    Free Online Bible College

    Thanks for the replies. Accredited preferably but not necessarily.
  10. Fembot


    I beg to differ. Being married, for most people, brings stability. We are told to be fruitful and multiply which should only be done after marrying. Married people have a partner to help with life's challenges and a family to take care of them in old age etc. God created a "help mate" not a...
  11. Fembot

    Free Online Bible College

    Nobody else knows of any free online Bible colleges?
  12. Fembot

    Free Online Bible College

    Thanks, but I'm specifically searchiing for a Bible college.
  13. Fembot

    I am seeking a born again husband

    Thanks! Sorry I am late
  14. Fembot


    Those are lovely cars. But for much less money, there's the Tesla Model S. 100% emission free, electric and goes from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds. The best part is that you won't have to pay for gas and there's no need to abuse the earths natural resources...
  15. Fembot

    Free Online Bible College

    Can any of you suggest a free Bible college that is fully online? If you've attended one or know someone who has firsthand then that's even better. Thanks in advance...
  16. Fembot

    Let's play a love game!

    Bible lover
  17. Fembot

    I am seeking a born again husband

  18. Fembot

    Poll: Respecting her tattoo wish

    A Jesus tat is better than, let's say a naked lady tat. I wouldn't flog someone for having a tat. It doesn't make it righteous but it also is NOT my place to JUDGE...
  19. Fembot

    The Ramble On thread

    I believe they will continue to disguise themselves as two separate entities. This helps in convincing consumers that they actually have a choice when choosing their chemically enhanced, genetically modified, life dehancing, nutrient lacking "food."
  20. Fembot

    The First Rider and...the Bow

    Revelations 6:2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. Speaks of a spirit metaphorically. This spirit "received a crown" perhaps meaning an aristocrat or elected official. He went around...