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  1. L

    Failing as a mom

    I've realized this. My daughter is a rude, bratty bully and since I'm the only one raising her, it's nobody's fault but mine. She talks back, she's mean, she does things she's told not to do as soon as she's told not to do them, she hits, kicks and pushes kids. My kid is horrible. And the truth...
  2. L

    Ever tried to scare someone away on purpose?

    I have a tendency to be pretty uncensored because there are a lot of things I'm passionate about and I would like people to know. I went on a date on Saturday with a stranger. I say stranger because usually end up dating people I'm already friends with. Anyway, the conversation was good and...
  3. L

    My Newest and Truest Theory

    So for a while now I've been wondering what's wrong with me. I think I have set a record for being the most rejected in the shortest amount of time. Then after observing my social circle and people in general, I've realized I'm one of the most normal, stable, and non-psycho (and funniest I...
  4. L

    [__ Prayer __] Purse stolen

    I just wanted to ask for prayer for what happened to me this weekend. Someone broke into my car and stole my purse and wallet which contained my entire life (addresses, social security numbers, pictures...everything). I was somewhere I shouldn't have been and life in general has been really...
  5. L


    eek! Anyone going to watch it? Just read the PluggedIn review...totally disturbing...
  6. L

    Jennifer Knapp is gay

    Which is a shocker to me. I really enjoyed her music. I don't know if radio stations are still playing her but I don't know if I can enjoy it and ignore the fact that she's "gay and Christian". Very confusing. Can we still enjoy her "pre-gay" music? It's like Ray Boltz. I can't imagine ever...
  7. L

    Engagement Party

    Anyone know if you're supposed to buy anything for the couple? What kind of gift would be appropriate? Because then you have bridal showers and all that the same thing?? I'm confused. Or do we just go and eat their food?? Because that was my only plan...
  8. L

    Back pain

    Anyone suffer from lower back pain? I straight my back while weightlifting and playing volleyball back in February. I went to the chiro for a few weeks and towards the end he was hurting me a lot more so I stopped. I finally went to an orthopaedic and he put me on Celebrex to calm the...
  9. L

    In your face!

    Do guys like aggressiveness or not? One guy tells me that it's unattractive because males like to be the aggressive ones. Then another guy tells me he likes it. But I would say the majority of the time, it scares guys off. So I'm taking a poll because it's a little confusing. Or maybe it...
  10. L

    Drinking and reading

    Ever done a bible study or had Christian discussions while sippin' a brewski or having a glass of wine? It seems almost wrong but then I think, eh, it's just a long as you're not getting blasted...
  11. L

    Can guys smell desperation?

    Just wondering...
  12. L

    Anyone have really vivid dreams?

    That are so realistic you have problems waking up in the morning? When it's time for me to get up, my dreams suck me back in because they're so real to me, I feel like I'm already up and living life. It's really becoming an issue because I end up running 1/2 an our late every single morning...
  13. L

    Paranoid daughter

    My daughter is 5. She's a very artistic, caring child and she's been easy going for most of her life. Recently, she has shown signs of paranoia and anxiety. She forgets small tasks like how to use a glue stick, how to turn off the faucets in the shower, how to write letters. Stuff I know she...
  14. L

    No more TV

    I was reading this article today: Think small steps. "Don't think in terms of all or nothing -- think in terms of a little bit here and there, actually getting creative work done," she says, whether it means waking up 30 minutes earlier or disconnecting the cable. "Know that you are living your...
  15. L


    Do you think it is worth buying a truck or SUV without 4wd? My way of thinking is if you're buying something that big, you're buying it for the 4wd BUT 2wd are much cheaper. So it is worth buying something bigger and not have 4wd?
  16. L

    Parents or grandparents?

    Recently my daughter (she's 4) met her dad and they fell in love with each other. He has never been involved in her life but after spending time with her, he wants to be near us. The problem is that he lives in Rhode Island and we live in New Mexico. He's very close to his family there and I'm...
  17. L

    What are you favorite stations on Pandora?

    Just to list some of my faves that I found recently: Simon & Garfunkle George Gerswhin Elvis Crespo
  18. L

    Other interests

    I'm trying to find a good balance betwen God and my other interests. Obviously I love God and have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior and He's constantly on my mind whenever I do anything. Now, in the past, when I have "loved" other things, they weren't good things, I was not living a good...
  19. L


    Does anyone know how to go about proving that it is happening?
  20. L

    I'm a bad mom

    My daughter tells me I'm not which is sweet of her but I'm a bad mom. I don't remember ANYTHING pertaining her today I remembered the veggie tray for her class party but totally spaced taking an easter basket for their egg hunt this afternoon. All her friends were telling her she...