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  1. Roro1972

    how the left and right were named

    Ecc 10: 2 A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left.
  2. Roro1972


    There are so many different crosses out there for necklace's . What type is or is not suitable for a true Christian to wear? Why does this widen at ends? is this bad?
  3. Roro1972

    new Firefox and Bookmarks

    my recent Ubuntu auto update I got a update for Firefox. when I click bookmarks opens "recent bookmarks" the I have to go to bottom and click on open all book marks and now i have to scroll to find the most used ones. Before update I click on bookmarks and the other bookmarks opened and...
  4. Roro1972


    I was in a thread tried to post a jpg and it said I post a type not approved by the forum. I see jpg's all the time what am I doing wrong?
  5. Roro1972

    linux wallpaper

    When I change wallpaper on my computer ( Linux ) it changes ok but if I decide I want the old one back it is no longer listed in wallpapers. It has happened twice the old wallpaper disappears I can not find them. Is this some sort I one time use files loaded on my computer. thanks
  6. Roro1972


    when I signed up for this forum I had to have an email. My question is how does the robots or bots what ever they are called get access to the forum without filling out the same thing I had to fill out?
  7. Roro1972

    Esv keeping up with changing times

    From the 2011 ESV: Quote: [Gen 3:16] To the woman he said, “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.” From The New Improved 2016 ESV: Quote: To the woman he said, “I will...
  8. Roro1972

    Sounds Good

    I know little about computers and software; but this sounds like it could be a good package.
  9. Roro1972

    Atheist and Little girl

    smart girl to put him in his place
  10. Roro1972

    pulseaudio on ubuntu

    I show high usage of pulseaudio when I look at system monitor actually it says very high usage. All other usages are normal.When I look at installed software it is not installed. maybe it could be under something else; dont know. when I click on it ( while in system monitor ) it says if I stop...
  11. Roro1972

    perfect people

    } I once heard the story of a pastor who was preaching the truth that no one is perfect. To prove his point he asked for anyone who was perfect to stand up. One man stood up in the middle of the congregation. The pastor asked, "Do you really think you are perfect?" The man replied, "Oh no...
  12. Roro1972

    a little fun

  13. Roro1972

    Back Ups

    Ubuntu, 16.4, 64bit, firefox, startpage had 14.4 for 1 and half all back ups were done weekly and with in 4-5 minutes. updated to 16.4 maybe 2 months ago done 7-9 back ups and all went well. today the back ups justs runs in "preparing" it does not get to the "backing up" part. I let in run for a...
  14. Roro1972

    I need computer help

    I use Ubuntu and I have an excel spreadsheet I created and save in excel. when I change something and save it, it always says page not responding. if I open and recover the document it makes the change. any Ideas what going on
  15. Roro1972

    no praying

    any thoughts
  16. Roro1972

    they do not believe I am alive

    Last week I went to a furniture store and applied for 12 month same as cash. I had originally thought this was handled in store. I filled out some paper work. The lady entered some info and it came back denied credit. Today I received a letter from the bank that denied me and they say they...
  17. Roro1972

    Ubuntu 16.04

    as I was doing auto updates it said 16.04 available so I loaded it. now I have the dark screen again. I was able to repair it on my 14.04 version. after looking at the fix for the new version not sure I can fix it. any one know how to do this
  18. Roro1972

    police stop

  19. Roro1972


    I have xfinity and Firefox on you tube all video work firefox update now video will not play on xfinity tried to fix nothing work on xfinity?
  20. Roro1972

    need help keyboard

    now thi may be weird but a you can ee my key doe not work i there any help you can end my way to olve thi problem it did work lat time I u ed the keyboard the key i not tuck it move jut like all other key . when I hit the key it will work or even give a pace for the letter