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  1. LovethroughDove

    Why is Focus on the Family taking over?

    Just curious.
  2. LovethroughDove

    [__ Praise __] Christopher Robin

    This is a praise post. First off, my eleven year old wanted to see Winnie the Pooh in Christopher Robin. I feel so blessed that my child still has that wonder in his life. This movie is actually pretty serious for being Winnie the Pooh, but it has a wonderful point. The point being, that...
  3. LovethroughDove

    Other Christian Forums

    Someone in the theology section mentioned there is a network of people that post on many different Christian forums. Is there a network of people out there that talk about all the different Forums? What are the different types of Christians forums? I mean, is there a label on each of the...
  4. LovethroughDove

    [__ Prayer __] My Beloved cat died!

    Hi All. I need a miracle and it may sound ridiculous. My cat Isabel died. The one I posted a picture of and the one in my profile pic. We think she may have died yesterday on Good Friday and I have the hope for a resurrection. This is not a joke. We realized we hadn't seen her today and I...
  5. LovethroughDove

    [__ Science __ ] Uploading your brain?! This sounds like snake oil to bilk people.
  6. LovethroughDove

    [ Testimony ] Family Restoration

    This is a long story, but I'm gonna try and sum it up. In 1986 my parents were divorced, I was 9 years old. My mom left my father because she thought the grass was greener (it wasn't and she never married again). In 1988 my dad remarried and I received a step-mother and step-brother. The...
  7. LovethroughDove

    [__ Prayer __] Horrible day

    I want to run away so badly. I'm having the worst time with my child. It seems like things just get worse and not better. I need prayers for comfort and clarity. Thank you
  8. LovethroughDove

    [ Testimony ] Not my prayer that he was looking for

    Hi Everyone. I have a testimony that may open some eyes, just as it opened mine a little more. We had a guinea pig that was part of the family. Our pig's name was Steve. (all our animals have people names). We bought Steve 5 years ago and he was supposed to be my daughter's. Well, a...
  9. LovethroughDove

    Bible Study Yeast of the Pharisees. (Prove)

    I was trying to look for a synonym to the word "prove" and I didn't realize that prove also means: (of bread dough) become aerated by the action of yeast; rise When Jesus warns about the "yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees" Matthew 16:6, does this mean how these people try to "prove" the...
  10. LovethroughDove

    Leah Remini and Church of Scientology

    A & E is airing a series about the Church of Scientology. Is anyone else watching this? If anyone is, please post observations you have made that go against what you know. Example: If you leave the church, your family that remains in the church has to have "no contact" with you. This is...
  11. LovethroughDove

    Photographs Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem

    Sorry about the quality. I took these with a cell phone. I had noticed that the Orthodox men were taking care of the children. It was pretty cool to see.
  12. LovethroughDove

    I love you, My love

  13. LovethroughDove

    [ Testimony ] Cloud Nine

    God gave me a wonderful epiphany 2 weeks ago. He showed me that he loves me so much, as to release me from having to feel like I have to have control of situations. He really gave me the okay to just step back and to be thankful for the love that he has for me and also for the love I have for...
  14. LovethroughDove

    Women - Wisdom vs. Adulteress

    Eve = Adulteress = Devil Bride of Christ = Wisdom = God Proverbs describes the difference between Wisdom and the Adulteress Proverbs 7:1-5 My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you. Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye. Bind them on...
  15. LovethroughDove

    Photographs Mural in Bethlehem

    I took a picture of this mural as we were driving through Bethlehem. Since Bethlehem is Palestinian territory, you can't exactly walk the streets as a tourist. They have Palestinian drivers that take you to the Church of the Nativity and that is it, then you drive back out of the town.
  16. LovethroughDove

    Bible Study Son of Man/Son of God

    I wanted to start a conversation with scripture that shows the different sides of Jesus. When he was showing the Son of Man part of himself and when he was showing the Son of God part. I'll start. Mark 5:30 At once Jesus realized that the power had gone out of him. He turned around in the...
  17. LovethroughDove

    Christians? Using self-defense and Guns?

    What are others thoughts on this...........please use Scripture