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  1. th1b.taylor

    [__ Prayer __] 74 year old Viet Vet In Need

    The need is sevier and if you can do nothing more than repost the link it will be greatly appreciated. I have already posted it on my th1bill Facebook Page and went so far as to ask President Trump on Twitter. If you feeel led, please help, the VA is forty miles away and some things must be...
  2. th1b.taylor

    [__ Prayer __] 74 Year OOld Viet Vet In Real Need

    The need is sevier and if you can do nothing more than repost the link it will be greatly appreciated. I have already posted it on my th1bill Facebook Page and went so far as to ask President Trump on Twitter. If you feeel led, please help, the VA is forty miles away and some things must be...
  3. th1b.taylor

    Are You, Did You? I'm Repented!

    Are you married? To how many and did you divorce them or deo you think you, just, blew them off? It is assumed, today, that there is no God, only gods. Others proclaime, “God is dead,” as if the Creator God were some form of super empowered finite human being that arrived at the of his course...
  4. th1b.taylor

    ¿Independance Day?

    I, having completed only the Eighth Grade find, in my Old Age, that I am a foolish Old Fossil. Until this past week I had no idea that American Tanks, Personnel Carriers, F 35 and F 18 Fighter Planes, B 1 Bombers, ad yes, it must be that even the UH 1H I Crewed were Republican Voters! The...
  5. th1b.taylor


    Are we scared or just stupid? I live in one of the inundated Border States but this issue of Illegal Immigration is not exclusive to the Southwest. No, MS 13 and other criminals from the Middle East, Asia, South and primarily Central America have run away and hidden all over these United...
  6. th1b.taylor

    AOC... The New Prophetess?

    When I was in the seventh grade, a long forgotten Science Teacher taught my class that before the next two decades would pass, the earth would be swallowed by the next ice Age, that was in the Fall of 1960. When I became a Christian in 1990 I began studying, concluded that May 14 of ‘98 would...
  7. th1b.taylor

    Photographs Old, Tattored andor Ripped in Half?

    I seldom seem to touch a nerve with this subject but i will offer on a somewhat different basis this time. Photography and more so these days than ever before, repairing and repairing destroyed Photos has gone from a money maker with me to, much, more of a hobby for change to buy an ice-cream...
  8. th1b.taylor

    A Three Legged Hog In Texas

    Just as Traveling Salesmen are prone to do, one broke down on Texas State Highway 36, just west of Sommerville. The young man got out of his, newly, restore 1953 Ford Pickup Truck, opened the Hood and determined that with a Flat Tip Screwdriver and a Monkey Wrench, he could fix it and be on his...
  9. th1b.taylor

    Bible Study PS 23

    Psalm 23 (Hallelujah Scriptures Version) A Psalm of David. 23 YHWH is my shepherd; I do not lack. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. 3 He turns back my being. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's...
  10. th1b.taylor

    Bible Study Why Do We Divide And Stand Alone?

    Romans 12:5 so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. 1 Corinthians 10:17 Since there is one bread, we who are many are one body; for we all partake of the one bread. 1 Corinthians 12:20 But now there are many members, but one body. I must begin...
  11. th1b.taylor

    Common Method To Live A Holy Life

    Even if Ben Stein did not write this it is so true Snopes does not say one way or the other... and this does sound like him. ‘My Confession’ by Ben Stein I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew, and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for being Christians...
  12. th1b.taylor

    Bible Study Can YHWH? Did He?

    There is a rule in Hermeneutics that cannot, ever, be bypassed. It is; No scripture, collection of scripture nor passage of scripture can ever be fully understood without the light of all scripture shinning on it. FYI: The Bible is the book or scrolls Yashuah ha’Mashima, Paul, and the other...
  13. th1b.taylor

    Whose Are You?

    I have not a single thought on why that article was posted but I perceive an air that is disturbing in this discussion; Why does a Rag News Article spark a discussion that comes from scripture instead of from a Seeker of the Truth? There is a problem in the Church today, the people bare not...
  14. th1b.taylor

    Will You Die For...

    13 hours ago, Becky said: I detest spineless men who will not stand for what they believe. This is called Sexist by the Liberal Fools but in reality, it as naught to do with the Marriage Bed. Dad taught me a few things when he considered me a man, at 15. The first was except I had fifty...
  15. th1b.taylor

    Hey Jason

    Jason, In the Paleo Hebrew do you know if Wadi is the Ravine or the River, I cant seem to get a firm grip on it.
  16. th1b.taylor

    Photographs He is getting older

    Emmett is a whole three weeks old , already!
  17. th1b.taylor

    [__ Prayer __] Emmet!!!

    I am not sure how to spell his first name,yet, but he arrived before 2:30this morning and I'm still up. My baby granddaughter is a momma and just last week she was climbing the mountain that my 11yards of Composted Horse Manure hollering for my daughter to come see, she was standing on the top...
  18. th1b.taylor

    Windsong, Hi

    Windsong, Welcome to CF. I'm sorry for not being able to greet you in the other string before it was closed and thank you for trying to help. The other folks here are, for the greatest part, just folks that love God. I trust you will enjoy being here and maybe earn more about God, I have...
  19. th1b.taylor

    A Young Man's Journey To War give away!

    I want to increase my sales of the book to pad my wife's and daughter's bank account. To do this I have decided to give away twenty-five copies of the original PDF File. The first twenty-five will be able to read the book with any free Book Reader or on their Kindle, as I understand it. But...
  20. th1b.taylor

    She Scored On The Pregnancy Test

    I loved her the moment she came into my life! I nearly split my sides laughing when she played in the truck-load of composted manure, digging holes in she mountain. But she came up from Corpus Sunday... with her husband and they brought a small Gold Egg v that my daughter had to bust and there...