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  1. questdriven

    Photographs new fursuit!

    Ordered her with my tax return a while back, and she finally came in today! Maker is HERROsuits. This thing is a custom job, so it was hecken expensive!!
  2. questdriven

    having feelings for a same sex friend

    Have you ever had feelings for someone you thought you were completely over, and then they hit you again? Well, that was me this weekend, aha. So like. I have a friend I've known for years. I developed feelings for her over time, and she's.....she's Christian, but she's attracted to women. So I...
  3. questdriven

    diabetic friendly recipes

    Mostly looking for ideas :)
  4. questdriven

    [__ Prayer __] Diabetes

    Never thought I'd say this, but. I have diabetes. Just learned that today. I had an A1C of 8.7, blood glucose level of 216. Gonna have to make drastic diet changes.
  5. questdriven

    Hobbies making videos on Byte with my costume

    I'm not the most creative person, but I have made a couple videos so far and had fun doing them and uploading them. I put them on YouTube as well so I could share them here directly. SING A SAD SONG TO A POTATO
  6. questdriven

    Hobbies training my CAT

    I decided to train my cat on indoor agility equipment. Here's a video of our progress It's different than training my dogs was, he has more of a mind of his own, doesn't really care so much about pleasing me like my dogs did. But he is very, very food motivated, and that's good for training an...
  7. questdriven

    AMV thread

    AMV stands for Animated Music Video--I think. Something like that. It's a video set to music with footage from a tv series or video game--something like that. It's a thing in geek/nerd culture, where you make these kind of things for shows you're a fan of, because you feel like a specific song...
  8. questdriven

    my art website--has a commission page and commission examples, too
  9. questdriven

    Anyone else like Vocaloid music?

    Basically, Vocaloid is a program with voice banks, that people use to make music. There are different characters associated with the voices, the most popular is Hatsune Miku. But all the songs are made and composed by fans of Vocaloid, including all the ones that play at concerts. Vocaloid is...
  10. questdriven

    how to put this

    What if I told you, that nearly four years ago, I developed romantic feelings for another woman? It was a crush that lasted three years. Why am I sharing this? I don't really know. Maybe in the interest of honesty, maybe because I'm curious how people will receive that. Maybe because I'd like...
  11. questdriven

    what music are we listening to?

    Starting a new thread because I can't find the old one Here's what I'm listening to, a song about witch burning. I just think it's catchy....and sad.
  12. questdriven

    divine healing

    I grew up with a disabled and chronically ill step father. He was paralyzed, bedbound, and in and out of the hospital every few months. He died 7 years ago from complications. I'll just be honest. I don't like it when people say that illness is a result of a lack of faith and trust, or a lack...
  13. questdriven

    highlights of your decade? good and bad

    For me, the decade started out with disastrous mental health, being suicidal. But God used that for good and it's part of my testimony. Other things that happened during this decade.... my stepdad died, my stepgrandmother and step uncle died--all within a year both of my dogs died we got a new...
  14. questdriven

    I'm probably doing the best I ever have in my adult life

    Well, having a job helps a lot with feelings of self worth and makes me far less frustrated with myself. I do gotta work on organizing myself better still, in terms of housework and stuff. As of right now, I'm not keeping up with housework, and I desperately need to fold my laundry that's been...
  15. questdriven

    I made a meme page on facebook

  16. questdriven

    I've lost nearly all interest in romantic things

    I think I've lost what interest I used to have (primarily in my teens) in romantic relationships. Not that it was ever that strong to begin with, but I definitely had an interest before. Now....I think I prefer being single and celibate. I could see myself falling for someone after knowing them...
  17. questdriven

    Hobbies I have a weird hobby--dressing up as animals

    This one is a partial suit I bought soon after getting my new job. Cost me a pretty penny. I named him Hazard. He's an arctic fox, who has mostly white fur, except he has blue paws and pawpads (not pictured). Just going to be a disclaimer out there that this is just for fun, I'm not doing...
  18. questdriven

    [__ Praise __] I have a job now!

    So I had left in a few applications for different positions at the grocery store. Didn't necessarily expect to hear from them, since I'd applied before and never heard back. But one night, lo and behold, I checked my voicemail and there was the hiring manager saying do you want to give me a call...
  19. questdriven

    Anyone else content with staying single? Just curious

    Just curious :) I feel like most people want to date or get married, and I'm here like "I'm good". That's not to say I've never had a desire for marriage, I used to a bit, but I feel I have "the gift of singleness" and I'm quite content to remain as I am
  20. questdriven


    My initial six months for counseling came and went; now the plan has been updated to another year. My case manager is on board with me job hunting. So hopefully now that I have some better tools in my hands for handling responsibility, I'll be able to handle it this time. Interacting with...