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  1. joethemechanic

    Bungee Jump Goes Bad
  2. joethemechanic

    Salvation Mountain
  3. joethemechanic

    What Would Happen in an EMP Nuclear Attack Over Your Skies?

    What Would Happen in an EMP Nuclear Attack Over Your Skies? Listen to this informative and unnerving interview about how an EMP attack could kill up to 90% of a nation's population within 12 months due to a world which is so dependent on electrical power. Dr. William Forstchen author of...
  4. joethemechanic

    I've just realized I've flaked out

    I'm watching videos like this. Pretty soon they are going to find me drawing a huge schematic in a shopping center parking lot in the middle of the night with purple chalk and running through it pretending I'm an electron.
  5. joethemechanic

    It's Almost Sukkot

    September 30 - October 7, 2012 Time to think about building your Sukkah
  6. joethemechanic

    Propane Tank and Tracer Rounds
  7. joethemechanic

    Third World Starter
  8. joethemechanic

    Child Of The King
  9. joethemechanic

    Fukushima Documentary This is the best Fukushima documentary I've seen so far. Lots of technical info.
  10. joethemechanic

    The Fabric of Time, The Shroud of Turin This was pretty good, well I thought so at least
  11. joethemechanic

    [__ Prayer __] Tugger the cat

    He is a feral that has been sleeping on my porch. He is really torn up around his neck. It's open and I think infected. He won't let me touch him and he disappears during the day when if I caught him I could get him to a vet. I'm not sure what to pray for, but he needs prayers. Before...
  12. joethemechanic

    What Really Happened at Fatima? I believe these people really experienced something at Fatima in 1917, but what was it? And was it from God, or that other guy?
  13. joethemechanic

    Woman Who Drowned In Wedding Dress SMH, why? :confused:
  14. joethemechanic

    The Trinity

    Does anyone really get The Trinity? Whenever I ask people, I get John 1:1 quotes and a bunch of sort of disconnected thoughts. And yeah I've heard all the stuff like I am my father's son, my daughter's father,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  15. joethemechanic

    Stacy Campbell What is with her head?
  16. joethemechanic

    Can a Christian Woman Be a Pole Dancer?

    My friend is a pole dancer and a non practicing Methodist. When I mention she could come back to the church she laughs. She thinks that she would have to give up her job. I'm not so sure. What can I tell her?
  17. joethemechanic

    Wood gas truck,,,,, I want one :) WW 2 vintage solution to "gas rationing"
  18. joethemechanic

    Simon's Cat
  19. joethemechanic

    Dr. Ted Roberts Sex Addiction: How To Break Free
  20. joethemechanic

    G4S under fire after nun breaks into US nuclear facility

    The under-fire Olympics security firm G4S is facing further embarrassment after an 82-year-old nun broke into a US nuclear facility, forcing it to shut down. By Nick Allen, Los Angeles9:30PM BST 03 Aug 2012 Sister Megan Rice, along with two male accomplices aged 63 and 57, allegedly used...