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    Photographs Snowy Owls

    3268 Snowy Owl 1-24-13 Benton Co WA by Loud Pics, on Flickr
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    Photographs Lewis' Woodpecker hiding acorns under the eaves

    LEWIS'S WOOKPECKER 4-18-07 Ft. Simcoe St. Park WA by Loud Pics, on Flickr
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    Photographs a lost pet

    P1000063 African Gray Parrot a new yard bird! by Loud Pics, on Flickr We found him in a bush and started advertising for the owner. He was the sweetest bird I have ever been up close and personal with, but he liked to spread peanut shells all over me.
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    Does anyone else watch Duck Dynesty on A&E TV?

    OK, I have to tell you I am hooked on it. Maybe it is because my ancestors are from Tennessee and the extended family are slow talkers like Mountain Man. :toofunny
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    unusual problem

    We were late for church today because our tiny dogs pointed out a parrot in our yard. It is very tame and gentle, very loving and lowers its head to have me pet the back of its neck, even gently lifting my finger with it bill to pet it. I love the bird and I have never been a lover of indoor...
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    Hi! Since I am retired it is fun to be considered a newbie. I am a church kid from cradle roll, received Christ as my Lord and Savior while in Jr. High, but did not learn how to hear God's voice and follow Him till I was 25. That was when I fully surrendered my life to Him. So is being a...