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    Faith VS. Doctrine

    I remember Corrie tenBoom talking about trying to witness to the German people after the holocost. She said that they knew all a bout Jesus and could quote scripture even. But they were hardened and unloving. They had never had a relationship with Him. So she held up a box of chocolates and...
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    Can Missionaries Go To Hell?

    I agree that if people are not preaching the Gospel, making disciples and baptising they are not true missionaries. They may as well be in the peace corp or be social workers if they are only doing good, helping the poor and giving medical aide. Surely mormon missionaries are not going to...
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    New every morning!

    I love this one too. Thank you, farouk. It is a great Mothers Day thought, too.
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    Shekinah - The female side of God

    Most languages have male and female nouns. We do it to an extent. We often refer to a ship or boat in the femenine. It really doesn't have much to do with sex, as I see it. I used to call an old car Betsy. No reason.
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    Some Talk The Talk But May Stumble Walking The Talk

    Guilty, but more so when someone cuts me off or in the event of a near accident. My adrenalin shoots through the roof and I yell, well, normally "you stupid idiot" which probably makes me guilty of hellfire since it pretty much equals "you fool". Then it takes about a half hour for me to...
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    Perhaps it is more necessary to have genuine love for the person who disagrees with us. WHen we do that we are not as concerned about being right or convincing them they are wrong. WE are more gentle with them and less impatient.
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    Sorry, Urk, I disagree with your list. The statement of faith of this forum upholds the Holy Trinity, salvation by faith alone, and the existance of litteral heaven and hell. The first two are absolutely necessary for a person's salvation and should never be compromised on in any way. All...
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    How's your weather today, where you live?

    Offering hope, not envy. For the first time in months we may have a gradual warming trend reaching 80. It has been in the 40s to 50s for so long, with violent winds, that I had given up on getting outdoors. We have still been having hard freezes, too, which is hard on our Washingoton fruit...
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    Do Your Dreams Mean Something?

    I definintely rebel against your interpretation that rock and roll means rebellion. This might instead be an indication of bias on the part of the interpreter? Many good wholesome Christians who are grounded in the Word and have lived a surrendered life to Christ for decades, have sound and...
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    How to get my wife to desire a relationship with Christ?

    Praying aloud with your wife is the fastest way that I know of to bond. "The family that prays together, stays together" is a true addage, but it has to occurr daily in the home and not just in church. We pray for each other, our kids, our health, protection and safety, salvation of family and...
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    How to get my wife to desire a relationship with Christ?

    There are many paths to God is not something Jesus said. He said "I AM the way the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me". John 4:16 Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it...
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    God didn't care about me - I'm no more Christian

    Claudya, you are right on target. Gods answers are yes, no, or wait. We think we are entitled to fast yes answers. But sometimes the answers are NO for our good and for our protection. Sometimes God has something better for us when we WAIT on Him. Sometimes the answer is simply no and we...
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    Poll: Is ear piercing really too 'liberal'?

    I should have added John 19:34 & 37 to the tat. It speaks of Jesus being pierced with a sword on the cross. But it would still be a good conversation starter: Body Piercing Saved My Soul I bless you more OK. may pad won't add smiles. what am I doing wrong. What do I have to repent of...
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    Does God have a preference in the way he is spoken to?

    I was told that little Johnny was told to fold his hands during grace before a meal to keep him from poking his sister in the ribs. So if you have trouble with your hands getting into mischief while praying, by all means, fold them. LOL I know a devout Christian in India who still assumes a...
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    Poll: Is ear piercing really too 'liberal'?

    I got used to guys wearing earrings--1 or 2, either or both ears--when I taught high school in the 90s. Farouk, I am not a legalistic stick in the mud like you think, just because I am a fundie. Just because I would not have tats or want one, nor would I like one on hubby, doen't mean I don't...
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    Freewill religion is the Man of Sin !

    my smile didn't post . It was meant in fun
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    Freewill religion is the Man of Sin !

    Saved by Grace, I have only one word to say: REPENT!
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    do we really have to love them?

    I have to agree with Childeye. Having once been a 14 year old girl, I can only remember some of the same things you do. I could never do anything right. They didn't want me to date, and even when I was 17 no one was good enough or suited them They finally let me date a totall jerk when I was...
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    The Process of Humbuggery

    Re: Student looking for "Easy A" classes. I depends on what you are gifted in. I loved creative writing but i am also good in English despite the fact I can't spell. On the other hand I was also good in art. But pottery is 3 dimensional, and mixing the colors, well they never came out the...
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    Photographs Spring is here.

    Heard a Western Meadowlark singing today. A sure sign of spring. Beautful photo of dafodils. I still like the drama of the bagpipes.