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  1. teddy trueblood

    Why Do So Many Believe ehyeh at Ex. 3:14 means "I AM"?

    Has anyone actually looked at all the uses of ehyeh in all the writings of Moses?
  2. teddy trueblood

    KJV and the Personal Name of God

    KJV and the Only Personal Name of God KJV-only scholars insist that only the KJV is the accurate word of God. But there is a very important problem with that belief which I would like one of them to solve for me. You see, if we examine the OT Hebrew text which was used by the KJV translators...
  3. teddy trueblood

    New Here and Non-trinitarian

    Am I welcome even though my strong religious belief is non-trinitarian? Will I be allowed to discuss all aspects of 'Who is God and Jesus?' Will I be allowed to post links to an appropriate personal study of mine if that subject should come up? Will I be so overwhelmed by all...