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  1. Caroline H

    [_ Old Earth _] Early homosapiens and salvation

    This probably best fits into the theology section, but because I'm asking this from the assumption of an old earth and evolution I feel safer putting it here. If it needs to be moved I understand :) My question is: where does salvation come into play with ancient man? We know that people...
  2. Caroline H

    Hitler, the Holocaust, and Abortion...

    I just watched this and thought I'd share it. Ray Comfort talks to people about Hitler, the Holocaust, and then abortion. It's interesting to see how many youth in America do not know who Hitler was!!! What are they being taught in school??:shocked! It's also interesting to see their...
  3. Caroline H

    Heeeeyyy Folks!

    Long time no see!! ... (er...speak?) :wave How's everyone doing? I'm sure there are a lot of new folks here who I don't know, so greetings to them too! Gosh, I tell ya, you have a baby and your brain sort of goes to mush and your time gets eaten away and all of a sudden it's six months...
  4. Caroline H

    A Mother's Prayer

    My mother sent this to me today... It is a poem that her mother clipped and put in her baby book long ago, and my mother read it to me and my siblings when we were little, but it never made me cry until today. Today is my very first Mother's Day being a mother, and as I held my nearly 6 week...
  5. Caroline H

    Why some people sneeze in bright sunlight

    Hey all, I thought this was pretty interesting as I just thought it was one of those things some people do...turns out it's genetic! I've been laughing at Timothy for ages for sneezing repeatedly every time we pull out of our street heading east and the sun is in his face. I wonder if our son...
  6. Caroline H

    What, No Holloween Debate??

    So! It looks like we made it all the way through Holloween without a thread on Holloween! ... unless I missed it... Good job everyone! I'm proud of you all, this is a first :clap:lol
  7. Caroline H

    Congratulations to NICK!!

    I think that a hearty "CONGRATULATIONS" is in order for Nick, as he just wrapped up his final day as a student!!! :clap:bounce:eyelid:candle:amen:clap3:sing Way to go Nick! God bless :thumbsup
  8. Caroline H

    Why is this ok?

    The first picture is of a men's volleyball team, and the second picture is of a women's volleyball team. Why is it ok for the men to wear loose fitting, longer shorts, while the women wear really short, tight fitting shorts? They sell underwear for women cut just like that, they're called boy...
  9. Caroline H

    Does anybody know why...

    I have to clear my history and cookies every other day to be able to see multiple pages of posts in forums? Sometimes I will go into General Talk to look for something, and it will say there are only, say, 8 threads. I know that's not true, there's pages of them, but I won't see them until I...
  10. Caroline H

    Soldiers' Homecoming Video :)

    If you're a woman, this video will make you cry... maybe even some of you men :heart Even Tim is still talking about the cute little girl with Santa :-) [youtube:2btqx14n][/youtube:2btqx14n]
  11. Caroline H


    Well, to whoever made it back here safely, WELCOME BACK! :D What a day, eh?? :thud:
  12. Caroline H

    Never Honk at Old People...

    [youtube:2i0vy0dc][/youtube:2i0vy0dc] :biglol :biglaugh :rolling
  13. Caroline H

    Bust the Windows Out Your Car for some Chicken!

    This guy's hilarious, and the folks walking in the background make it even funnier :lol [youtube:1u3r9pt0][/youtube:1u3r9pt0]
  14. Caroline H

    Netflix Suggestions

    Tim just suggested a thread for Netflix suggestions, and I thought it was a great idea too! We don't have cable or dish so we use Netflix a lot because it's really cheap and you can watch things on DVD or on your computer or TV (if you have a game console that supports it). So, what have you...
  15. Caroline H

    7-Word Story

    Since it has been SOOO long since our 5-word story, and since we all had so much fun with it, I figured it was time to start over with a brand new page :-) The rules are the same except with 7 words instead of 5. For those of you who haven't had the joy of participating in this type of...
  16. Caroline H

    I want an iPhone just because it's popular

    :biglaugh :biglaugh :biglaugh :biglaugh :biglaugh :biglaugh [youtube:2d5wl7jx][/youtube:2d5wl7jx]
  17. Caroline H

    Papa John's

    This is a question for the Americans on this board. Timothy and I got a pizza from Papa John's on Friday, and we were discussing the fact that they put their cheese on top of the toppings, rather than the toppings on top of the cheese. One of us thinks that that's just how they do it down here...
  18. Caroline H

    A Personal Saviour?

    We've all heard the phrase "accept Christ as your personal Lord and saviour" before. I grew up hearing it frequently among many other popular Christian terms, and never gave it any thought until recently. I think I stumbled upon a sentence in some article I was reading, that had nothing to do...
  19. Caroline H

    The Case for Early Marriage

    I posted something very similar to this in Parenting and Marriage, but I wanted to post this article here because this message is not directed towards those who are already married. I have posted the first and last parts of the article, so if you want to read the whole thing go here...
  20. Caroline H

    Say Yes. What are you waiting for?

    Say Yes. What Are You Waiting For? By Mark Regnerus Sunday, April 26, 2009 Spring is here, that glorious season when young men's fancies lightly turn to thoughts of love, as the poet Tennyson once suggested. "Lightly" is right. The average age of American men marrying for the first time is...