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  1. cyberjosh

    Poem about Moral Chaos

    I haven't written much poetry but this one was the most intense I've created: Moral Chaos. I provide there also a link to a (partial) explanation/motivation of why I wrote the poem. I actually got to use the poem to some positive witnessing effect (for the very purpose I created it) on Facebook...
  2. cyberjosh

    Suggestions for Videos on Intertestamental/Rabbinical Judaism?

    I am a person who is drowning in books (mostly Bible study related - some of them partially or even never yet read) and I just don't have time like I used to to buy tons of new books and read through them in entirety. I lean a lot more toward video education these days, and even audio would be...
  3. cyberjosh

    Bible Study Is HaShem (the Lord) a Rabbi?

    I recently submitted a question to an Orthodox Jewish website that has an "Ask the Rabbi" page where you can send inquiries to a Rabbi to answer questions about the Tanak (Old Testament). I crafted my question in a form that is respectful of Jewish conventions of referring to Jehovah/Yahweh as...
  4. cyberjosh

    Translations of the Septuagint into English

    I have been looking for a good translation of the Septuagint for a while and finally I found one available online from a translation that is now in the public domain: The Septuagint LXX:Greek and English by Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton ( Also, and this was quite...
  5. cyberjosh

    What foreign languages do you know/are you interested in?

    Simple title, simple topic. What languages do you know (partially or in entirety) or what languages are you interested in? Maybe also you could mention why you are interested in those languages if you like. German As for me I know some German (perhaps 20% at this point and growing). I am at...
  6. cyberjosh

    The Value of Going to Seminary for a Motivated Christian

    I couldn't find quite the right place to put this, but this falls partially under the category of "Christian Living". For someone who believes they are called or equipped in some capacity to preach, teach, or lead within the Church what value to you believe that there is in going to a Seminary...
  7. cyberjosh

    Study books and video on discoveries in Biblical Archaeology

    I recently was looking at my bookshelf full of Bible study works and decided to make a video on helpful books for learning about discoveries on biblical archaeology and history. You may view it here if you like: Source...
  8. cyberjosh

    Bible Study The Word of Yahweh through the Prophet Jeremiah

    I was reading Jeremiah last night and I've been taking a more careful method of stopping and pondering what seem like "simple statements" in Scripture lately to draw out its meaning and implications and I was struck to really see the heart of God in how He expressed Himself in just the first two...
  9. cyberjosh

    Biblical people recognized in the extra-biblical record

    This is a reposting of a question I answered in the sticky thread [here] and I figured it could warrant its own topic. This was in response to the question: I'm not sure how much acclaim in history books they get but in as near chronological order as I can determine here are some of them...
  10. cyberjosh

    A Theological and Exegetical Examination of Holy Spirit Baptism

    Hello brothers and sisters in Christ! I pray that our minds and hearts can be enlightened by all spiritual truth from the Father above, through the knowledge of His Son Jesus, and the inward working of the Holy Spirit in His holy saints! I would like to thoroughly investigate here, in a...
  11. cyberjosh

    Movies with the funniest bloopers

    I recently watched a blooper scene from the movie Journey 2 and it was so funny that that my brother and sister who were watching it with me wanted to watch more bloopers from other movies, so I dug through my sizable movie collection and pulled out "After The Sunset" with Pierce Brosnan & Salma...
  12. cyberjosh

    Invent-a-word -or- words you wish were real...

    So, I accidentally coined a word today, "outstairs", in reference to something outside and down stairs, which served as the inspiration for this thread. :-) The goal of this thread is to list "words" you wish were real and explain their meaning if necessary. This can be actual slang you have...
  13. cyberjosh

    Bible Study The Scriptures Confront and Affect All Men

    The Scriptures have a powerful way of performing on all of its readers and hearers a spiritual diagnostic that reveals the state of men's hearts and souls. Thus the reactions and approaches of men to Scripture are driven by the state of their soul. Below are some quotations of great Christian...
  14. cyberjosh

    How did you get introduced to Apologetics?

    I am curious to hear around the board how different people became interested in Apologetics and/or how they were introduced to it. In a way it is the duty of every Christian to be familiar with Apologetics, not necessarily as a theological system or framework that emphasizes 'being learned' in...
  15. cyberjosh

    Westminster Catechism R&B/Rap with Dr. D.A. Carson!!

    Haha, this song is great. I just ran across it and it really is an R&B song mixed with interview soundbytes with D.A. Carson in some sound studio of the importance of the Catechism. DA Carson even does a voice-over shouting "West Side!!!" three times, which is hilarious. That part reminds me of...
  16. cyberjosh

    Bible Study Explanation of Hebrew Words for Anatomy and Being

    Jeff Benner has dedicated years of study to understanding ancient Hebrew language, thought, and culture and one of the great realizations that he has had, and that he passes along to others in his videos, is the concreteness of Hebrew language and thought, where we (in its place) often translate...
  17. cyberjosh

    Bible Study Zechariah 12:10 - "Pierced him" or "Pierced me?" (The Hebrew Grammar)

    I was watching a few of the excellent videos on my friend Jeff Benner's YouTube channel (he is the author of the website) where he explores the Hebrew grammar of several different Bible verses. He makes explanatory videos unlike any I've ever seen before (very accessible...
  18. cyberjosh

    Inspiring song by Trip Lee about faith in hard times

    If you like Christian R&B you should really like this song, and even for those not much into R&B this song is very down-tempo and also has a nice piano piece played throughout it. It's the lyrics though that give this song merit. The song is called "Cling to you". See the video below...
  19. cyberjosh

    You Raise Me Up!

    Who but our Lord Jesus could truly raise us up when we are weary and burdened? Incredible joy, release of pains, and complete overwhelmedness comes over me when I hear this song. See the video below and may it bless you! source: YouTube - YOU RAISE ME UP
  20. cyberjosh

    Absolutely Stunning Performance: God Bless the Child

    This guy has so much soul it puts me to shame: source: YouTube - American Idol 2011 Hollywood Solo - Jacob Lusk He got the only standing ovation by the judges. He just made the cut for the top 24 on American Idol. I rarely watch...