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  1. Bob Carabbio

    Unconditional perseverance study

    I recommend Robert SHank's Book "Life in the Son" for an in depth discussion of "OSAS"/"Eternal Security"/"Unconditional Perseverance". As a Baptist in the beginning, I was, and taught OSAS for years - and now I don't.
  2. Bob Carabbio

    My personal favorite -

    I've used it as a sermon illustration because it's so Typical of normal human depravity. A fellow is running LATE to a VERY important meeting that he HAS to make for his career's sake. But there's no parking spaced available at the venue. So in DESPERATION he dries out to God - Please...
  3. Bob Carabbio

    The "Christ Clone" Trilogy -

    Christ Clone Trilogy by James Beauseigneur The books are: "In His Image" "Birth of an Age" "Acts of God" It essentially covers the same chronological period as the "Left Behind" series - but from an essentially NON-Christian, but highly religio/political viewpoint (Until later in the third...
  4. Bob Carabbio

    Howdy From Dallas -

    I'm Bob Carabbio. I'm a Free-range Charismatic by Category, Eclectic in theological orientation, Assembly of God by membership, and presently a Deacon in my home church. I've been in Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches for most of the last 48 years, and was saved in 1961 as a result of a Baptist...