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  1. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] accident on 20th st

    today I saw a car upside down on intersection where many speeders who go to fast die. im also needing prayer as I have some cynical things with god. part of the reason I have ceased from posting here.
  2. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] eric james

    my brothers first grandchild
  3. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] trillium and art

    art whom I mentioned a few weeks ago as I trained him for his three day trail starts tomorrow on his six month probation to be a meter reader. I also will do a new route tomorrow. its a lot walking and in and out of the truck.
  4. jasoncran

    luke murphy

    I served with him when he was in the national guard and in my unit. and yes we quoted the murphy laws to him all the
  5. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] long route

    tomorrow I have a long route. im also battling some other issues.
  6. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] sick

    I have been sick since Wednesday. yesterday and today it has gotten worse. I was able to work and will plan to do so, but its taken a toll on my chest. fortunately the asthma issue hasn't kicked in yet. that will ensure I don't work if it does happen.
  7. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] greenway-clubdr and the newguy

    I have to train a new meter reader on the route called greenway-club dr. I want to make the time limit of 2 at the latest but also show him what we do and how we do it.
  8. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] pray for the bishop family

    a death that is near to the family. a friend's mother died.:(. too much for a son to see happen.
  9. jasoncran

    how the aussie settle arguments
  10. jasoncran

    a blast for our county's past I love this stuff! vero has had this stuff happen on and off over the decades.
  11. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] prayer

    I ask prayer for Charles. god knows
  12. jasoncran

    soldier for christ

    I was asked to assist with kids sunday school, so I was asked to show up in uniform.
  13. jasoncran

    the shabat as worship

    premise: 1) the fact that in Egypt , the populous were unthankful 2) god worked and rested on the seventh day. he set the example 3) a grateful believer would want to take time off to thank god for his blessings and to worship god.
  14. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] pray for friend's daughter

    she is well living a life she wasn't raised into. im not surprised at this but well I wasn't sure until now. :(
  15. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] prayer for stovebolts

    I ask prayers be lifted up for him. he is in a trial. I cant say what it is.
  16. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] pray for chris newman I train with him at mma. he isn't a new cop but still to take a life.:(
  17. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] prayers for various things

    1) eric left work on his own terms or be fired 2) bill is retiring 3) Melvin and I to replace his truck's engine. he isn't young
  18. jasoncran

    milk, and when it wasnt in the stores but delivered to your home.

    does any remember these days? I do. I remember getting milks, eggs, butter and ice cream as a kid by this method.
  19. jasoncran

    [_ Old Earth _] vero man
  20. jasoncran

    [__ Prayer __] jaci update

    doctors see the need to remove her tounsils but refuse to do so.