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  1. jasonc

    Photographs the loved bridge

    I'm a memory I, emember my name sake and the house he lived In I remember the old sway bridge that I replaced I remember the water tower by me I remember kids and families fishing under me I am remember by a county surveyor whose died helped tear me down a part of me is at Disney world and...
  2. jasonc

    lunch spots

    often at work and I post from these lunch spots ,I choose historical areas .this photo taken 4 years ago is one .I took lunch after reading meters a few weeks ago and the home close by and tied to that bridge post by way of clearing and creating what is now jungle trail ..btw billy graham stayed...
  3. jasonc

    Photographs the crayola house
  4. jasonc

    Photographs the civil war vet house

    I am a civil war vet house I,am near a few civil war vet homes I am one who drew curiosity of the photographer I remember the photographer and his wife who lived in a tiny trailer by me I know what it was like before the Dixie I remember the old city hall I remember the post offices by me I...
  5. jasonc

    Photographs st.lucie

  6. jasonc

    Photographs we were

    we were once connected to a glorious motel it had a pool with Juan ponce de Leon painted on the bottom it was a salt water pool we were built as apartments for rentals and workers we later became a tourist court the Spanish one is the oldest of us that remain and is an apartment . our time...
  7. jasonc

    Photographs the first bank of okechobee

    I am the first bank I,am the second pharmacy I,remember taintee I remember her school house near me my bank folded during the depression
  8. jasonc

    Photographs the forgotten post office

    I am now a memory I,served the people of winter beach for years I was faithful for 40 plus years I,am near the house whereby my postmaster lived in I,am even close to the old star route from ft.drum to the dock that once was I,am near a old general store that was often visited by weary...
  9. jasonc

    Photographs the three churches,homestead ,and avenue

    I am the origin of two churches I am a house to two families I was forgotten ,hidden and lost I was redeemed by the last family who owned me I have a flow well I housed the builders of the church that now owns me ,and it is they who cleared the land for it and saw me and wanted to save me I...
  10. jasonc

    Photographs school houses at it was

    in Indrio .built in the late 30s to early 40s in Okeechobee ,both were in st.Lucie county ,now this in Okeechobee county ,it was moved to this location in the 90s .it was next to a trail now a major hwy called Sr 70. taintee was a post master and came from gem island in my county .I...
  11. jasonc

    Photographs as it was with my aunt in law her oldest is that boy ,Charles Jr .
  12. jasonc

    Photographs walker house

    I was built with the bricks left over from,the court house I am one whose first owner nearly lost me and a farm stead house I am tied to several groves ,the walker ,graves brothers and w.c graves I have the earliest type of solar water heater my current owners are two retired teachers they...
  13. jasonc

    Photographs sleeply eye

  14. jasonc

    Photographs the jeweler ,banker and church and grave yard

    I am the house of the first jeweler I,am why the first Baptist church was started I,am the home of a banker who learned to repair watches then sold jewels he bought land to bury the dead it is north of the city where I am found it is no more and a park and a few headstones are there my...
  15. jasonc

    Photographs parent and the children bungalows

    my owner was the mother and she lived here ,her kids lived in bungalows near by all of which still stand . one is a dentist office now the other is empty lastly the one next to me and owned by my current owner is rented out
  16. jasonc

    Photographs the mayor and the bungalow

    I am one of 4 I,am one who was rented by the family of sailors who were stationed here we,were built and owned by fred e king the mayor we are a Spanish bungalow court ,we are the last