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  1. Chopper

    Bible Study A New Voice For Messiah Jesus.

    Thank you for your reply my good old friend. I agree, Bro. Rabbi Schneider is an amazing Teacher of Elohim's Word. I am presently reading his life story in "Awakening to Messiah" If you get a chance, get it, it's a great read. Most important is, before spending our money on another field of...
  2. Chopper

    Bible Study A New Voice For Messiah Jesus.

    Good morning all my Forum Friends. I trust that you'll have a blessed day being filled with the Holy Spirit. My journey with Jesus Christ started in 1974 when I felt the call on my life to come to God. Problem was, I didn't know how. After about 10 years of wondering how to reach this Being, a...
  3. Chopper

    Bible Study Are We Making Disciples or Just Big Crowds?

    Good thought Ezra. Making disciples is sadly lacking.
  4. Chopper

    Bible Study Are The Laws Done Away With?

    Bravo Glory Girl. You have presented a very truthful and accurate presentation of the reason why we don't discard the Old Testament as many folk have been told to disregard the Old Testament. I love you, Chopper
  5. Chopper

    Bible Study Are The Laws Done Away With?

    The only "Laws" that are no longer in effect are the sacrificial system of animals etc. for sins. Christ Jesus's death and shed Blood on the cross satisfied the legal requirements of our Holy God!
  6. Chopper

    Bible Study The Old Covenant: A Blessing

    Nathan12. Bravo my friend. That, by far, is the best presentation of the value of a regular study of the Torah every morning as we start our day. This has been my practice each day, so I wouldn't suggest something I don't do personally. I shall save your presentation so that I can study it...
  7. Chopper

    How is the law abolished?

    Thank you Glory Girl, for that great addition. This verse is so true but so refused by many....Rom 8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. A study of the Law as it unfolds in Matthew Chapter 5 by Christ Jesus is the only...
  8. Chopper

    How is the law abolished?

    A good response Glory Girl. The modern church (some) has made the mistake of throwing out the Old Testament thinking that Christ cancelled out all the Laws in Himself. A careful study of the Old Testament reveals the truth that the sacrificial system of sins being forgiven thru the Levitical...
  9. Chopper

    Knowing It In Your Heart...vs...A Gut Feeling

    I believe that you are right on! I have read different articles on "rely on your kidneys". I see that those articles are what you're writing about. Go for it!
  10. Chopper

    A time to say hello

    Welcome to our Forum Family MayDay. I'm Glad that you found us and hope that you will find here a refreshing place to worship our Savior thru this medium.
  11. Chopper

    [__ Prayer __] Neeeding your prayers

    Oh Tessa, I grieve for your physical condition of your eyes as they are so important for a healthy life. Jesus Who is your Salvation is also your Physician. I am asking Him to favor you with a skillful surgeon who will correct your eyes with perfect vision for a very long time....You're in good...
  12. Chopper

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for our Deacon whos son was murdered.

    I am so sorry for that tragedy that your Deacon and his family are facing. I have ministered to several families who lost loved ones because of murder and it's no easy work of love. Hopefully, the young man was a believer in Christ Jesus....My prayers are with you as well Jeff as you minister to...
  13. Chopper

    Should the Bible give clearer instructions on how to find a spouse?

    I counsel those who are considering marriage to, know the other person well enough to know if he or she is OBEDIENT to walk on the "narrow road" The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 2Co 2:9 "For this is why I wrote, that I might test you and know whether you are obedient in everything."...
  14. Chopper

    Bible Study Was Jesus a Prophet?

    Welcome to our blessed Forum davidedward2014. I am pleased that you found us all the way from Singapore. Indeed, Jesus was the greatest Prophet to ever occupy that title, thank you for that reminder.
  15. Chopper

    Bible Study Why Did The Jews Wish to Kill Jesus?

    They hated Jesus because He could see into their hearts and He told them the TRUTH of what was in there.
  16. Chopper

    Bible Study Verses for Easter

    Something to ponder as "Resurrection Day" approaches. At the moment God permitted sin, the Divine Counsel (Elohim) was willing to send Jesus, the one of a kind Son of the living God, to bear the penalty that His creatures might escape the penalty, and in time He came and bore that penalty on a...
  17. Chopper

    Bible Study Numbers 12:1

    Well said.
  18. Chopper

    Bible Study Numbers 12:1

    Well Glory Girl, I mean no disrespect, I value your studies and presentations way to much for thinking ill of what you say. It's just that the only history that I trust is found in the Torah and Scripture as a whole....Secular history can be tweaked to miss-represent the truth.
  19. Chopper

    Bible Study Numbers 12:1

    I'll stick to the biblical account of Moses' life partners thank you.
  20. Chopper

    Bible Study Numbers 12:1

    I tend to agree with you brother Paul. My guess is that Zipporah had already died and this Cushite woman was Moses' second wife. As a result, Miriam felt like she should have been the woman in Moses' life that was closest to him, not this Cushite woman. There is, as you say, a controversy about...