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free will

  1. J

    A few questions from an open-minded agnostic.

    Hello. I'm somebody who has never been religious, but is curious about the beliefs and mentality of believers. I appreciate Christianity for its cultural importance and the great works of art it inspired, but for various reasons never became a believer myself. There's a few questions which have...
  2. S

    [__ Science __ ] Is The Merge With AI The End Free Will???

    With the new Neuralink Brain-computer interface you can merge with AI and become a Cyborg but will it be the end of your Free Will??? If you are no longer a man (human) then there may be no hope for redemption... 1 Enoch 15:9 9. As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their...
  3. Sparrowhawke

    Once means Always???

    Q: Who can stop our Almighty God? A: We can. God will always respect us and His decision to allow us to choose... Period. This being the case, it seems to me that the whole argument about OSAS is moot. Although we do have an abundance of witnesses, the Holy Spirit included, we are not yet...