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  1. R

    Bible Study what is marriage..

    Wanting to start a thread about what i see in Scripture concerning marriage... Noting the TOS 2.6: A member may not impose additional rules upon threads by claiming on/off topic or by other means. Moderators will enforce only the rules as included in the ToS and are not obligated to enforce...
  2. gr8fulwoman

    what would Biblical submission look like, in my situation?

    Thank you in advance for reading this. I have been married almost 40 years, to a good Christian man. We also work together where he is "the boss" and I am "his assistant". We had a tenant move out of our office and now pay an exorbitant amount of rent all by ourselves. God has provided for this...
  3. wondering

    What Makes A Good Marriage?

    Young persons today are worried and afraid to get married because they see all the divorce around them and feel their marriage will also not last. This was not true in the past. Women and men were happier to be married. Some couples live together to make sure that they're compatible. It's...
  4. Faithfulhusband

    Want my wife to be subservient to me, having small issues.

    My wife and I have been together or a few years now and we have several beautiful children. Our marriage is good, and we are a great team. Most days I think about how we are each others best friends and nothing could come between us. We are young, only now getting into our 30's so I'm excited to...
  5. wondering

    What Is Marriage?

    Is marriage something different in today's world? How? What IS marriage anyway? What is a Christian marriage? From a secular point of view...: Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent. It is the joining of two people in a bond that...
  6. Classik

    Marriage Rites in the OT Days

    There was a bit of argument in the past. Someone said King David sinned when he took Uriah's wife. Another was of the opinion that Kings in those days had the right to marry whichever woman of their desire, whether the woman was married or single, whether the husband was alive or dead. I think...
  7. L

    Newbie to Christian Forums!

    Hello everyone! I'm very excited to start another chapter in my walk with God and Jesus! I was born and raised Christian, however, when I was about 18 I backslid quite a bit as some do. God never left my heart but my walk was far from strong. Anywho, here I am at 31 and for the past couple years...