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  1. J

    A few questions from an open-minded agnostic.

    Hello. I'm somebody who has never been religious, but is curious about the beliefs and mentality of believers. I appreciate Christianity for its cultural importance and the great works of art it inspired, but for various reasons never became a believer myself. There's a few questions which have...
  2. H

    Bible Study Search Our Heart (part 2) How, What, When and Where.

    Search Our Heart Part Two: How, What, When and Where Continuing: I started regular soul searching about thirty years ago. In my first thorough effort I was 34 y.o. I spent a day for every year of my life to look for my sins. Naturally the first few days (years) was nothing much to find. As each...
  3. H

    Bible Study Search Our Heart (part 1) Why & Who

    Search Our Heart Part One: Why and Who I was taught a way of truthful living which requires me to do a daily moral inventory of myself. It is a way of 'Searching my Heart' for self-appraisal. Why? Because the Scripture encourages me to do so. Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it...
  4. T

    [_ Old Earth _] Primates, sweating, marriage etc

    My first post and if I break any forum rules I apologize for any offense and only ask for the correct way to go about posting this correctly! I am a Creationist in that I believe that all that is became because of the creator. I am an evolutionist in that I believe things change/evolve...