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  1. J

    A few questions from an open-minded agnostic.

    Hello. I'm somebody who has never been religious, but is curious about the beliefs and mentality of believers. I appreciate Christianity for its cultural importance and the great works of art it inspired, but for various reasons never became a believer myself. There's a few questions which have...
  2. N

    I'm afraid I've genuinely lost my salvation - please read my story and help!

    Hello all, As my title states, I believe I've genuinely lost my salvation. At the age of 20, I took the altar call, went in front of my church, announced my belief in Christ and was baptized. About fifteen years later, I became fearful that I was neither hot nor cold, but was lukewarm. It is...
  3. Milk-Drops

    [_ Old Earth _] The complex question of "Why?" in Science.

    I was perusing a playlist from a Youtube channel I'm quite fond of and found an excellent video. The concept of "Why?" in science tends to make searching for answers very interesting and complex due to our ability as humans to personalize or anthropomorphize concepts. This video does a great...