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12 Steps to Recovery

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Jan 11, 2020

Step by Step Process

1. Admit that you are an addict to yourself, God, and another human being.

2. Ask God for help. Ask others for help.

3. Change how you think and behave.

4. Break down the changes you want to make into manageable pieces. Make a list if you want.

5. Identify and make a list of alternative behaviors.

6. Substitute a good habit for a bad one like going to church instead of a bar. Reading the Bible instead of trolling the internet.

7. Give yourself encouragement. Use affirmations and scripture.

8. Seek advice and help from others whom you can trust. A pastor or Christian psychologist.

9. Avoid companions who might influence you in a negative way.

10. Find role models who exhibit the changes you want to make and observe them for as long as you need to.

12. Remember: Action leads to motivation leads to more action. Don’t forget that changing is a process; it takes time. Be patient. Trust in the Holy Spirit to guide, heal, affirm, and give you strength.
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