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1st Century New Believer Teaching A


Summer Rose (Methodist and New J.C Hammer lol)
Dec 29, 2017
We often make the mistake of thinking the OT is supposed to spell out it's intention for us, when it's really intended to be discussed in community with a capable leader / teacher.

The whole thing about "arranged marriage," and especially from the female perspective, is very much hidden in Scripture rather than being spelled out, because it was part of their culture. It was understood, so therefore it didn't need to be spelled out.

You read through the whole section in the law, but didn't see what it was saying. To begin to grasp this, you first need to come to terms with what was meant by "an honor society," and any way you slice it it will be primitive and barbaric compared to the culture we grew up with today.

Is the effort to learn all that worthwhile, before having applied at least as much effort to the NT? The NT is directly applicable to us now.

The story of Mary and Joseph occurs in the NT, but before the New Covenant is fully in effect; it's a transitional time. The former things of old (including OT law re: arranged marriages) are in the process of being removed, but that culture was still very much in place. So understanding the depths of OT law on this point is what gives insight into this tiny speck of Scripture, that has no real impact on anything we do today.

So,.. in other words??

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